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The 'Pre-Listing Packet' that's Responsible for 6+ Listing Appointments per Week

September 09 2019

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Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 9:00 AM PDT

It's a game-changer for any agent who wants to establish their value and expertise, get new listings every week, and charge more in commissions. Get everything you need to win over sellers before you even meet, and position yourself for effortless, maximum success.

This live training is filled to the brim with top-performing "pre-listing" strategies and tactics – and unlike anything you've ever seen before. Here's just a sneak-peek of what you'll get access to:

  1. How to easily replicate our "Shock & Awe" approach to "Pre-Listing Packets" that help you stand out like a top agent, establish trust immediately, and secure the listing – before you even show up.

  2. Exactly, word-for-word, what to say in your "Pre-Listing Packet Emails" that demonstrates just how VALUABLE meeting with you is and builds irrevocable TRUST between you and them – with a position like that, they won't entertain the thought of using someone else.

  3. What kind of email links and attachments to use that will "pre-seed" and "strengthen" your reputation, present you as different to everyone else – and stand out in a unique way with a "Superior Promise" (that will make them eager and thrilled to work with you)

  4. How to give them "Seller Homework" that they're happy to complete for you – and this will seamlessly tease out the juicy details and favorite features about their home – the kind of information YOU can leverage both in your marketing and to firm up your rapport on the spot.

  5. The "High-Performing Property Marketing Plan" that lays out, every step of the way, HOW you'll market their home for maximum success – this will be irrefutable PROOF to them that you know what it takes, that you have a rock-solid plan, and that you can DELIVER on your promises.

  6. Use these "stealth strategies" in the same Marketing Plan to ethically sabotage and eliminate the competition – and pre-empt and prepare for answering any objections on fees (everything you do for your clients will position your fees as a complete "no-brainer" for them and that you should actually charge more for all you do!)

  7. Get your hands on our coveted "Client Welcome Kit" that smoothly "onboard" your clients, demonstrates the immense value of your services – and the tool that helps you get more referrals and recommendations without lifting a finger.

  8. How to use the "Assumptive CSP" so that listing with you is the most natural and logical next step for your clients – and cements every reason to work with you, landing a client for life.

  9. How to practically obliterate the other desperate, "unwashed masses of agents" who are scrambling to win listings – while they're frantically hoping to prove themselves, you're quietly and efficiently boosting your reputation, authority, and expertise.

  10. Get the "Flawless Listing Presentation" you MUST use at the appointment to MAKE SURE all the important points are communicated – and that your value is reinforced, making you the perfect choice to go with.

For a full 60 minutes, you'll discover everything you need to win listings with our "Perfect Pre-Listing Packet" – for bigger commissions.

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