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Digital Marketing Strategy Wins Agent 3 Transactions from 1 Inquiry

August 28 2019

move terry grayson 1How would you like to win multiple transactions from a single online inquiry?

That's what happened to Realtor Terry Grayson of The Grayson Group when a lead from referred him to family members who owned a construction company. And although those referrals already had a decades-long relationship with another agent, they decided to transact with Terry because of the online exposure they knew their listing would get.

We recently spoke with Terry to learn how he differentiates himself online, his secrets to converting more leads, and more.

Today's topic is multiple transactions from one inquiry. Apparently, you have been able to make this happen with your online leads? How did you get started with this and what triggers the "extra business" from your online marketing?

In 2014, I started off with purchasing leads from two of the national websites. Also, the company I was with at the time would send me their brokerage overflow leads if the listing agent did not pick up. This introduced me to the whole concept of online advertising and reaching out to clients when they have an inquiry about a property.

When I switched over to, I could just see a difference in the quality of the lead. The others were not as serious or as ready to engage immediately.

As an example, I have a customer right now that I'm working on. This one lead turned into three transactions so far because he was not only a buyer looking for property; his parents have a construction company that does concrete work and they met me at the showing. They came along just to make sure that my buyer made the right decision and they were looking at the structure of the property.

Six months after we closed, his parents reached out to me and they went forward with me to list their property based off of that relationship. It was an interview process because I was competing with a more well-established real estate agent that had a 25-year track record in the community. And yet they felt that I would do a better job listing their house and selling it—just due to the fact that they knew they would get online exposure.

What is it that you can offer your buying customers on the listing side to facilitate double-ended transactions?

The likelihood of the house selling would be better than if it were just to be put online because I have the branding. With this new Local Expert product, we are coming up 50% of the time in local home searches. I own market share in ten different markets, and I'm showing up in the fourth position on the front page for all of them—and so are my sellers' properties.

This is really awesome because they can see that they're going to get that exposure where the other competing real estate agents wouldn't.

I've already have used it for listing presentations, and it worked out perfectly. It's quite impressive that you can just show up 50% of the time in somebody's neighborhood.

Do your clients take notice of your branding?

Yes, and if they're using, for instance, Facebook, it attaches itself to that and all of a sudden my ad pops up. I've had customers come back to me that are still actively looking for homes (they like to do their own house search even though I send them listings through the MLS). They come back to me and say, "Terry I see your face all over the internet—you're everywhere."

Since you have closed an abundance of customers you met online, how does this position you to get additional listing business, repeat sales and referrals?

It really is pretty impressive. I feel very confident that the past clients that I serviced realize that I am the agent of choice in the area because my face just continually pops up everywhere they're looking. When they come back in the market to move again, they're the ones really looking online on a daily basis and they see us over and over and over again.

Sample of a flyer that Terry uses in his business:

move terry grayson 2