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Live From Ad Tech

November 15 2011

Guest contributor John Lim of Mobile Real Estate ID says:

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Ad Tech, the #1 event for Digital Marketing, here in New York City. Not did I have full access to the event, but was one of the few that got to sit in on the press briefing; 10 companies making 10 announcements about new product offering they would be introducing here at the event.

To set the stage, this event encompasses all the biggest digital players in the game such as Google, to the newest and coolest startup companies in and around the digital marketing field. What type of companies and products make up this field? Being that I am writing this column from the press room and have a session to attend, I don’t have nearly enough time to go in detail about them all, but here are some of the coolest things I saw here at the conference. 

Searchandise – A company that allows manufacturers to assert control over product placement online while at the same time allowing retailers to turn online search into profit center. The blending of the in store and online experience have been merging for quite some time. People research online what they are going to walk into a store to buy the same way they look and research homes online before going out to see them or work with an agent. Now, with Searchandise, manufacturers can bid for higher placement within an online retailer where people are looking at the products. This allows the manufacturer to get more exposure during the consumer research phase and allows the retailer to be compensated for the eyeballs and the research they are helping consumers facilitate.

ShareItUp – a social coupon and deal platform for Facebook business pages that allows business to reward their fans who actually engage in purchasing a product by giving them the best deal. Businesses can set levels so based on how many people share how good the deal is that they get. In addition, you as the business only pay as people engage I taking advantage of the deal.

Mobile App Tracking – the best and most viable idea I heard about during my time at the conference. This platform allows you to track which advertisers and advertisements, affiliates and publishers are driving the traffic to your app downloads. This allows you to track the ROI and derive the cost per install of your application. As mobile and applications within the real estate market continue to grow this application will become a necessity. Having an app in real estate, mobile or native, will be a necessity within the next twelve months, not just a differentiator. Having the ability to know who is downloading the app and how they are getting there will help you track where your advertising dollars are best spent; you may be quite surprised.

Overall, having a chance to attend this event was great. It was truly an eye opener of all the amazing technology and creativity being implemented to better target advertisements to the right consumer demographic. The better the advertisers get, the less irrelevant ads we as consumers will have to put up with.

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