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6 Head Shots to Stop Taking

July 29 2019

Whether you're just starting to build your business or you're revamping your image, you probably need a new head shot. Head shots are typically used on all Realtor marketing materials, and we're talking EVERYTHING from business cards, to yard signs, bus benches, and even billboards.

When someone in your neighborhood starts thinking of buying or selling, you want them to think of your smiling face. However, you want a head shot that makes them think to call you, not turn you into a meme for internet ridicule. I know they say all publicity is good publicity, but here are a few head shot trends to close the doors on.

The Selfie

transactly 6 head shots to stop taking 1

We live in a world where we snap and vlog everything, from our pets sleeping to our workout. It's not impressive to a potential client, who posted a better pic of her waffles on Instagram this morning, when you open your front facing camera and capture your face from the most unflattering double chin angle, like their Grandma trying to learn how to make a call with her first smartphone.

The Glamour Shot

transactly 6 head shots to stop taking 2

It's 2019, Brenda. We've traded the mall for Amazon and saved the feather boa photo shoots for the private boudoir. Keeping this outdated head shot on your marketing is like using a picture from college 30 years ago on your dating profile.

The Creeper

transactly 6 head shots to stop taking 3

Maybe it's not your fault—maybe you suffer from resting creeper face. Be your harshest critic and make sure your head shot says, "I'll help you find a great home!" not, " Let me show you the basement."

The Used Car Salesman

transactly 6 head shots to stop taking 4

The only person who can get away with thumbs up, finger guns or a wink is your Dad. Keep the cheesy poses out of your head shot. Clients will assume you're only selling lemons.

The Cartoon

transactly 6 head shots to stop taking 5

We all want to stand out to potential clients, but silly head shots aren't going to bring you serious clients. Unless you're planning on representing Roger Rabbit in Toon-town, keep your head shot human.

The Rom-Com

transactly 6 head shots to stop taking 6

You're a professional team, not a movie poster for a "too-busy-for-love" Realtor who is competing with a rival brokerage, only to fall for the opposing agent, join forces and fight crime. Pick. A. Different. Action.

Hopefully this has given you a reality check on what to do (or not do) in your new head shots. Put down your iPhone, hire a professional photographer, and like your Mom always said—just be yourself.

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