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Just When You Think You Are Having a Bad Day!

July 24 2019

Thanks to social media, it seems like we are reading about so many folks having a bad day. REALTORS seem to have more than their fair share, thanks to dealing with buyers, sellers, lenders, appraisers, home inspectors and others. It only takes one major problem or disappointment, or many smaller ones, to totally crash your day and send you to your favorite social media account to share, maybe looking for moral support or sympathy.

Let me share my story!

yelling at computer lgMany years ago, I worked as an outside salesperson selling to manufacturing, government and businesses. One rainy, dreary day, I was calling on a business for which our company had fallen way short on expectations that the customer needed and deserved. I humbly met with the Purchasing Manager to throw myself on his mercy and attempt to save the account. Well, he wasn't going to have it—after my apology speech about how I was going to make sure it never happened again, he stood up, took my business card and information I brought, and tossed in trash can and told me to leave.

So I head out the door, and it's one of those Pennsylvania winter days—gray, raining temperatures in the low forties (did I mention how happy I am now living in Florida?). Anyway, I get to my car and the wool sports jacket I was wearing was wet and smelled like a damp dog. The car windows were steamed up, and I just had my head handed to me on a platter. What a miserable day—maybe one of the worst days of my professional life.

As I am driving, I am in one of the most serious pity parties of my life. The company screwed up, I didn't. Maybe I need a change, maybe I need to look for a better job. Doesn't matter, this is just a terrible day! As I am driving down Main Street, I get to a red light and stop. I look out the side window and there is a coffin being carried out the front door of a church followed by all the mourners. And I thought I was having a bad day!

It's probably been 30 years since that dreary rainy day, but it taught me a life lesson. When you think you are having a bad day, look around. Somebody is having a far worse bad day than you!

We choose this profession and all need to stick together and help each other with those bad days. So share a story, remind them of happier times, or, if necessary, share mine!

Dick Betts is a national speaker, trainer and consultant. Learn more at