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The Risk-Free Way to Get Upstream Before Everybody Else

July 17 2019

I'd like to tell you about two competing brokerages. They were similar in size, both operated in multiple MLSs, and both had teams. From the outside, they were very much alike. Internally, however, was an entirely different story.

The first brokerage struggled with operational expenses affecting their company dollar. Each time they hired a new agent, it took hours to enter their profile into the back office systems, intranet, and order business cards, set up their software and tools, etc. If an agent left, there wasn't an easy way to remove their access from all tools, resulting in unauthorized access and paying for unneeded licenses.

Productivity was difficult to manage. Listing data was being repeatedly reentered throughout the listing's lifecycle: from MLS to marketing to transaction rooms to commission systems, etc. Teams were using separate tools because it was too cumbersome to operate as a team using the brokerage's marketing vendor. What's worse is that they had to manually re-upload high resolution photos every time they sent out a Just Listed postcard or printed flyers. They even had dedicated staff to chase down 15 MLS agreements each time they added a new tool that used their listings.

The second brokerage optimized their operational expenses. They entered a new agent's information only once, and every system was updated. Vendors knew in real-time when an agent left the firm. Listings were entered once, and authorized vendors received instant access to the highest fidelity version of the exact data needed. No moreā€¦ no less. And new vendors were given access to their listings across every MLS in minutes without additional agreements. They easily configured teams, how they marketed themselves and even gave access to staff to manage listings regardless of MLS membership.

What made the difference? Upstream.

upstream dash data recipients

Act Fast to Get Upstream First

Now brokers can tap into (regardless of your firm's size) all the benefits, but you must act. We are launching across the country and prioritizing deployment based on broker demand. Sign our no-risk participation agreement now to ensure your MLS isn't at the back of the line.

We'll immediately go to work ensuring your vendors are integrated, accounts are set up, and your staff is trained. You decide which vendors to leverage Upstream for distribution and when to go "live."

Upstream costs a flat monthly fee based on the size of your brokerage. You pay nothing until you are "live," and only pay for the number of users on the system.

Click here to review our Participation Agreement that includes pricing. Then let Kim ([email protected]) know you're ready to sign and she'll rush you a DocuSign envelope.

We look forward to working with you!