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3 Tips For Better Real Estate Videos and Photos

November 09 2011

So what does it take to produce better real estate videos and photos? It’s no secret we’re big fans of video around here, and we’ve discussed real estate photographyreal estate photography before. We still get objections every day from agents and lenders though.

The main objections we hear involve time and a lack of equipment. So, today we’re going to cover the basics for taking amazing real estate videos and photos with just an iPhone. If you’re an Android or Windows phone user we’re sorry, not everything here is available for your phones just yet.

Great Video Needs Great Audio

marlon brando godfather 570x405

People will forgive so-so video, but they will rarely tolerate bad audio. Audio is by far one of the most important things to think about when shooting video.

Although the iPhone comes with a decent mic, it should by no means be your go to option. We discussed the importance of using external mics with Maya Pavezausing external mics with Maya Paveza, and they are the optimal way to get great audio.

The most basic external mic for the iPhone is the Brando Mini Directional micBrando Mini Directional mic. You can use this mic when you shoot client testimonials, to record blogging ideas as you drive or during or for indoor video home tours. It’s small, lightweight and portable design makes it easy to use on the go.

If you’re interested in a little bit better quality audio you’re going to need the KV Connection Microphone AdapterKV Connection Microphone Adapter. Since the iPhone can’t natively handle regular microphones, this is the attachment you’ll need. You can attach any mic that uses a 3.5 mm jack similar to the kind we use on the show.

The Lens Factor

better real estate video 570x380

One of the biggest improvements in the new iPhone 4s was the new camera. The new camera in the iPhone 4s is 8 megapixels and it can record video in stunning 1080 HD.

All that being said, if you have an old iPhone or still want a better image on your iPhone 4s, you’re going to need to add an external lens.

We’d suggest invest in the iHat4iHat4 from The wide-angle lens will addition feet on the left and right side of the image or video. This lens will create a much more cinematic look for your videos and photos.

If you want to avoid the expense of a new DLSR camera, but you want your videos and photos to blow your competition out of the water, get this upgrade.

Retouching Apps

photogene app

So now that your videos have spectacular audio and your photos look amazing, you need to give them some final polish. Enter in retouching apps/software.

In our post, 3 Tips For Better Real Estate Photography3 Tips For Better Real Estate Photography we talked about two programs: Aperture 3Aperture 3 and Adobe’sAdobe’s Lightroom 3. These are great if you have the time and desire to really dive into photo editing. However, today we’re going to keep it all on the phone. And for that we use PhotogenePhotogene.

Using the features of this app you can crop, alter colors, reduce noise and add artistic filter to you photos. Your “first showing” is online nowadays, so blow those future home buyers minds with better photos.

For video, your best bet is to use iMovieiMovie. It has a pretty easy learning curve, and you can find an amazing number of “How-to” tutorials on YouTube.


There you have it, our tips for better videos and photos for your real estate business! All it takes is an iPhone and a little bit of effort.

With the point of entry what’s stopping you from dominating?

Photo credit: FlickrFlickr

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