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Top 10 Closing Gifts for Your Clients During Hurricane Season

June 17 2019

Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th every year, and each year many people are unprepared when a storm heads their way. If you're tired of buying the same old closing gift or still searching for a gift that really resonates with your buyers and sellers, consider some of these closing gift ideas. They're not just perfect for new homeowners; they are a great way to help your clients get a headstart on their hurricane preparedness.

hdc closing gifts hurricane season

Solar Phone Charger

Dead batteries are one of the biggest inconveniences during a post-storm power outage. Luckily, solar phone chargers are readily available online at just about every price point, so as soon as the clouds give way, your clients can get back online. They can also use the solar charger for camping or even in their day-to-day. Also, since most solar chargers have a USB port, they can be used to power just about any hand-held device, not just phones.

Fire/Waterproof Safe

At closing, your clients don't just walk away with the keys to their new home. They also obtain a thick folder of important paperwork that could easily be ruined during a natural disaster. A fireproof/waterproof safe to protect their documents in case of storm damage will help ensure your clients can bounce back faster.

Water Cooler

When a hurricane heads your way, one of the first things the stores run out of is water. That's why a water cooler can be a great housewarming gift, particularly if you fill it up with other hurricane essentials such as flashlights, batteries, tarps, and bug spray.

Battery/Solar Powered Fan

The cool air that comes in with a hurricane usually leaves with the same storm, leaving those left behind sitting in sweltering homes with little moving air. A battery or solar powered fan is a great gift that is great post-hurricane or for a pleasant evening on their new back porch.


Depending on how much you plan to spend on your closing gift, a grill can be a great hurricane-season gift option. Grilling is a favorite pastime for many people across the U.S., and it's an invaluable way to feed your family when the power goes out in the wake of a storm. If you're not prepared to invest in a full size grill, a small single-use grill may also be a good choice.


When you lose the stove, you lose the fridge too. A nice cooler your clients can pack their food in when a storm hits can save hundreds of dollars of groceries from going bad and make sure your clients aren't stuck eating their emergency rations. This is also a gift they can make use of for picnics, tailgating, and family gatherings.

Outdoor Lighting

Solar lights can turn any yard into an oasis. They're even easier to appreciate when light sources are at a premium. Pick up some solar string lights or torches for your clients so that if they lose power, they can still enjoy the convenience of electric lights in their yard.


After the rush to prepare your home for a hurricane, there's not much to do besides sit and wait for the storm to pass. That's where a new game can come into play. Pick out something for your clients based on the ages of their family members and what you think may interest them. Book stores often have games you may not have heard of and nicer editions of those you may already be familiar with.


A ladder is one of the most useful tools you can give a new home owner. It will allow them to clean out their gutters, clear debris from the roof, and achieve non-storm related tasks like hanging up pictures and changing light bulbs.


A go-to closing gifts for many agents, booze is a particularly nice gift to receive during hurricane season. Create a gift basket with supplies for your client's favorite cocktail or get them a bottle of their favorite beverage to smooth the storm's passing.

For more ways to help your clients during hurricane season, download and share the free emergency planning checklist. Just remember to fill in your name and contact information so that your clients can easily get in touch with you!

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