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Migrating Your Facebook Friends to Your Business Page

November 08 2011

If you are like me (and many others), you joined Facebook in the days before company pages. As such, you have been fighting the battle of comingling business content with personal content. Many people have created separate pages – one for business and one for personal.

If you have a business page, it can be hard to move your friends over to your business page. Without the trick I am about to show you, it requires you to click the hundreds of boxes next to each person’s page.

Here is the trick (watch the video). After watching the video, click on to the next page for the step-by-step.

1) Log into your personal page.
2) Navigate to your business page (if you don’t have a business page, build one first – here is an article on how to do that).
3) From your business page, go to the “Invite Friends” feature in the left hand navigation rail
4) A pop-up light box appears; the default will display “Recent Friends.” Using the drop down arrow, select the “Search All Friends” option. It will take a while for this list to load. Be sure to use the scroll bar, and scroll all the way down the page until your complete friends list loads. **very important to wait**
5) Last step is to paste of of the two pieces of code found on the following webpage into your browser URL address and click enter:

6) You will notice that this code will automatically check all of the boxes for all of your friends in the pop-up light box. With them all selected, clict "submit"

Your Done.