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How to Shoot a House for Under $16

June 11 2019

Real estate photography can quickly become expensive, which is less than ideal. However, creating high quality professional images can be achieved at a fraction of the cost.

To demonstrate this, BoxBrownie's real estate photography guru and co-founder Brad Filliponi is going to shoot a property with a smartphone. You will learn the key tips on the most important areas in the home so your listing will stand out.

The equipment used is:

  • Samsung Smartphone Galaxy S9
  • Moment Wide Angle Lens

By using a wide-angle lens, you can get as much as possible to fit into the frame without the use of expensive photography equipment.


The first image we are going to shoot is the front entrance. You want to take a wide shot of this beautiful opening to really showcase the kitchen, dining and lounge room all in the one area.

To adjust the brightness, you can click on the same and the exposure feature will display for you to modify. Ensure you are taking the image on straight angle and proceed to take the shot with nice steady hand.

bb shoot house under 16 1

Media room

Next, we are going to take a photo of the media room. You maybe thinking whether you need a tripod, but as long as you continue taking your images with a nice steady hand, you don't need any extra equipment. Our team of editors can then take your images and enhance them, leaving you with high-quality professional photos.

TIP: Just remember that all your images taken are clear, as you don't want any unappealing blurry images.

bb shoot house under 16 2


The next room we are going to shoot is in the study. It is a great selling point because not every house has one, so you really want to use this to your advantage.

bb shoot house under 16 3

Entertaining area

We are going to head back to the main entertaining area, where we are going to shoot the kitchen, dining and lounge from a different angle. Remember to fix any items that look out of place before taking the photo and open the front door so you can really show the beautiful open flow space.

bb shoot house under 16 4

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is a room that cannot be missed. Before shooting, ensure all items are correctly placed and open any blinds entirely to display the outside view and bring as much light ias possible nto the space. Turning those bedside lamps on can really make the room more inviting.

bb shoot house under 16 5

Second bedroom

As we move onto the second bedroom, you can often have a well lit room but an overexposed window and external view. By clicking on the screen, you can alter the brightness to balance out the exposure across the entire room.

TIP: You want to be able to see as many details inside the room as you can from the exterior view out of the window, therefore the photo we have taken is significantly darker inside to be able to capture some of the exterior detail. Our team of experts can easily lift the shadows in the room, but they cannot make out something that isn't there if the all-important view outside is overexposed.

bb shoot house under 16 6


We have skipped the ensuite on purpose in order to shoot the biggest and best-looking bathroom in the whole house. When shooting bathrooms, it is always a great tip to close any doors behind you, i.e. a toilet or laundry door. Closing doors will prevent reflections on the glass and tiles.

bb shoot house under 16 7


Moving onto the exterior of the property, we are going to start with the backyard. With this photo, we really want to highlight the size of the land, patio area and the layout of the backyard.

bb shoot house under 16 8

Pool area

Moving over the other side of the patio area, we are going shoot the beautiful pool area. It's a feature of the property that you don't want to miss.

bb shoot house under 16 9

Exterior front of the home

Using the beautiful palm trees at the exterior of the property to frame the shot. It will give this hero shot really great street appeal.

bb shoot house under 16 10


With Brad's expert tips for shooting a property on a budget using your smartphone and a wide-angle lens attachment, you can easily achieve these images—professional images you can use to market this medium-sized home for only $16.

To view the original article, visit the BoxBrownie blog.