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5 Ways to Convert Open House Leads into Sales

June 11 2019

dmg convert open house leads into salesThere's no doubt about it: An open house is a great way to draw attention to a home on the market.

Open houses can attract more motivated buyers than any other form of in-person marketing. When real estate agents combine well-executed open houses and smart digital marketing, more transactions occur. In the end, that means growing your real estate practice much more quickly.

Once an agent knows how to make good use of an open house, they can create consistent results in a satisfying way.

Everyone has their own open house style, but some fundamentals are indispensable:

1. Greet People at the Door

A friendly welcome will go a long way toward making your new contacts comfortable with you. Some open house attendees are wallflowers who expect to only "look around." Get them out of their shell with warmth. Offer some basic facts on the home and an info sheet to take with them.

2. Position as an Area Expert

Your area expertise is what attracts clients to you over your competitors. Showcase your insights into the community. A packet of local information on things like employment, education, events, and attractions will help. Info should be in-depth and professional in presentation.

3. Ask Some Qualifying Questions

As you discuss the home with attendees, you can ask leading questions to learn what their goals are and where they stand in their home search. Once you learn enough, you can suggest alternate properties that might meet their needs. Use active listening—the more you remember, the better.

4. Welcome the Neighbors with Open Arms

Some real estate agents get frustrated when neighbors show up to open houses—but you should look at it as an opportunity. Many times the neighbors are thinking about putting their own home on the market and want to see how a comparable property performs.

5. Plan Your Follow-Up

Never underestimate the power of following up! To follow up successfully, you need to make it simple for guests to leave you their contact information and anything else they want you to know. If the follow-up doesn't bear fruit immediately, use your email list to build the relationship.

Following up is a vital piece of the puzzle when people are pondering major transactions, like buying or selling a house. Sometimes, it can take three, five, or even seven follow-ups to be sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to help a prospective client.

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