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7 Ways to Win More Listings Regardless of Market Conditions

June 04 2019

sz win more listings regardless of market conditions 1A changing market, summer selling season, low inventory, high inventory, queasy economy, fluctuating interest rates... are all, without question, factors affecting your production potential. However, regardless of current conditions and circumstances beyond your control, the question remains: what can you do to find more sellers and get more listings?

Here are seven ways you can rise above the rest and win in any market:

1. Create the ultimate customer experience

In today's world, everyone has gone paperless, mobile and social. The more technology enabling easier communication, the less connected we actually become. All the more reason to it roll back. By all means, establish a robust digital presence in your prospecting territory, and let clients know that you are accessible via email, phone, text and even Facebook message. And then, take it a step further. Back up your digital ads, social media posts, and emails with handwritten notes, cards and letters. It's so unusual these days to find something personal in your mailbox. Be the one who does that and stand out. Make it personal. Then circle them back to your digital efforts. Give them a "don't take it from me" challenge and lead them to your custom testimonial, and referral page. Peer opinions speak volumes (see tip #6).

2. Go hyper-local

Content is still queen/king! That's why creating a blog or content specifically to suit your market and its residents are essential. Create significant content that serves your audience and make it relevant. Providing value is always a good idea, whether you're writing about housing trends, market updates, or the lunch spot downtown now serving the"Impossible Burger." Make your content matter!

3. Employ the 80/20 rule

sz win more listings regardless of market conditions 2Focus on the top 20 percent! It's the classic Pareto Principle which states that "80 percent of your sales come from 20 percent of your clients." If you could focus on those with the highest likelihood to sell, wouldn't you drive your marketing efforts toward that specified group? Focusing your efforts on a set group of people not only helps your marketing budget, but it will make you a more efficient agent. It just makes sense to build deeper connections with a select few than have shallow associations with many. There's so much value in making yourself memorable and creating trust.

4. Predict and target

The ability to predict homeowners who are most likely to sell and focus on them is key (see above)! Whether you get most of your business from your sphere and want to keep it that way—or if you're expanding your database with prospects in your farm knowing who to go after—will tremendously impact the way you spend your time and effort.

5. Leverage current listings

Current listings help you shine! Advertising your clients' listings is your best marketing tool. Employ circle marketing and target the geographical area surrounding your listing with "Just Listed" mailers. Show your work in action. Give a sample of what you can do for them. Better yet, target the homeowners in the surrounding area showing signs of selling in the next 3-9 months.

6. Social proof

Create your very own testimonial page and let prospects know how others feel about you. Reportedly, 84 percent of consumers research products and services they are considering before they take the plunge. Make sure those researching you online not only FIND you but see the TRUE you. By creating a testimonial and referral page, you have control over your online presence. Ask your clients to write you a testimonial or refer you immediately upon the close of your transaction.

Far too often, we overthink the request to a point where we put it off and then even let it go. You don't need to do that. Make it easy on yourself and your clients to promote you. Quite honestly, your clients will love to praise you. However, they may need to be prompted. For whatever reason, the knee jerk reaction to leaving online and in-person reviews is to share the negative. The positive stuff is too often kept to ourselves. Give your sphere the chance to share. They will feel good and so will you!

sz win more listings regardless of market conditions 3

7. Think outside your comfort zone

Don't be afraid to do things you've never done before. Not a door knocker? Well, picking up the phone is still a useful way to introduce yourself and foster relationships with prospects. But foster you must. So choose what fits your style. Alternatively, hire someone to do it for you.

Nurture, not drip! Nurture means giving prospects relevant and contextual content, depending on where they are in their homeownership life cycle. Merely putting your brand in front of your prospects won't get you where you need to be with your business, but sparking meaningful conversations will! Foster relationships with homeowners and establish trust. When the time is right, you will be the one they turn to.

Last note, have fun, remember why you went into this business in the first place, and close more business!

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