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Top 10 Most Popular Articles of May

June 03 2019

Bees in flower 200pxSpring must be in the air, as our monthly list of our most-read articles is a bit... free-spirited. We kick things off with 19 GIFs and memes (our #1 article) and outrageous marketing ideas (#2). Those who use their laptop more in their car than in their office will appreciate article #4's tutorial on setting up an internet hotspot on the go.

Looking for attention? In May, posts about standing out (#5), getting attention with Google ads (#6), and impressing prospects (#9) topped our charts, too. Check them—and more!—out in the list below:

1. 19 Real Estate Memes and GIFs that Will Make You Smile
Looking for some fun real estate memes and GIFs to share with your coworkers and clients? Here are 19 animated real estate memes for you to share.

2. 7 Outrageous Real Estate Marketing Ideas that Actually Worked
If you truly want to stand out from the average real estate business, sometimes you need to take a leap of marketing faith. Agents who are willing to go outside the norm can make massive marketing gains with creative, quirky tactics that other agents aren't willing to try. Grab some outside-the-box marketing inspiration with our look at seven outrageous real estate marketing ideas... that actually worked!

3. Top 10 Real Estate Photography Tips
Want your listing to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible? Make sure you listing photos are as good as they can be. In this article, BoxBrownie founder Brad Fillponi shares his expert tips and tricks to nail those all-important shots. By following these simple steps, you can ensure you are showcasing everything your listing has to offer in your photos.

4. No Internet? Here's How to Set Up Your Own Hotspot
Real estate agents know better than most that sometimes it's just easier to accomplish specific tasks on your laptop than attempt to do the work on your phone. But sometimes those tasks require an internet connection. If you are always on the go, and you don't have a nearby Wi-Fi connection, how can you get instant internet service? Use your smartphone and create your own internet connection for your laptop. Here's how.

5. 5 Tips for Standing Out from Your Real Estate Competitors
In real estate, things move fast and the competition doesn't sleep. So what are you doing to stand out? In order to be the go-to agent in your market, you need to be one step ahead of your top competitors. Start with these five quick tips.

6. 12 Tips for Gaining Client Attention with Google Ads
Google Ads is a proven marketing tool. Real estate agents are using its reach to bring in quality leads that have the potential to become customers. Understanding how to customize this highly targeted advertising approach is key. Use these 12 tips to get the most out of Google Ads.

7. You Won the Listing! Now Create a Winning Marketing Strategy
Congrats, you've done it! You followed the plan and you won the listing! Naturally, the next step is to follow through on your marketing plan. It's time to get as many eyeballs on the listing as possible and earn your commission. Learn the four parts of a good marketing plan.

8. Leveraging Google Calendar for Real Estate
One of the most important skills any real estate professional can master is time management. And that is a lot easier when you have the right tools to keep you on track and record what you need to do and when you need to do it. That's where Google Calendar comes into play.

9. A Guide to Making a Great First Impression with Your Real Estate Prospects
As every real estate agent knows, May is one of the busiest months of the year. Buyers are on the hunt, which makes it a great time to sell quickly and for a good price. So at this crucial time of the year, making the best first impression is most important. Here are a few ways that you can "strike while the iron is hot" and make a great first impression.

10. A-Z Open House Tips
It may seem old school, or even cliche, but open houses are a tried and true way for agents to meet potential clients, break the ice, and gain their business. Whether you're a seasoned pro, or haven't closed your first deal yet, this complete open house guide offers proven tips and strategies.