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The 1-Minute Real Estate Video Strategy

May 20 2019

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Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 9:00 AM PDT

If you've ever thought about using video, or you've never even considered it before, this Thursday I'm sharing our "1-Minute Real Estate Video Strategies" -- and let me tell you, it can be a game-changer for you:

  1. Because by just using just your mobile phone you can look just as good as the top agents in your market
  2. Boost your word-of-mouth
  3. And get more clients without hiring contractors or buying expensive equipment.

In this free training, you'll discover:

  • The easy, 1-minute video strategies and templates you can copy and use as you see fit, eliminating hours and the hassle of trying to do it on your own
  • The "Lazy" Listing Tour Strategy that instantly qualifies potential leads for you – no video expertise required
  • The "Instant Expert" video that will help you get a crazy amount of EXPOSURE in your local real estate market, build heaping amounts of TRUST in a short amount of time, and turn your network of relationships into a tribe of word-of-mouth FANS
  • How to use a "Walking Tour" video that presents a home in the best way possible and makes sure YOU come across as likable, trustworthy, and a true expert
  • How to STAND and where to LOOK – so you come across as a natural and smooth – even on the first take! (You'll look like you belong on the evening news)
  • The "Easy and Free Apps List" that makes editing videos a breeze (on your phone) – it's as easy as dragging & dropping and using your laptop – this makes sharing your expertise without ANY video experience painless and even fun
  • The "$1 a Day Social Marketing Strategy" you MUST use to promote your videos – this will help you find people in the market to buy or sell… Get people to know, like and trust you before you even meet
  • Never worry about what to say with the templates, scripts, and outlines that will make creating videos simple, quick, and fun – and help get rid of stage fright
  • The "Cheat Sheet" for which type of video is best for different platforms – Not all social media is the same and knowing what type of video to produce for each of the various platforms is our "secret sauce"
  • The "Video Repurpose Formula" for recording a video ONCE – and then using it at least FOUR MORE times (this quadruples your reach and results, without adding any more work)

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