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The Generational Divide, a Look into the Life of a Millennial

November 04 2011

Today's Monday Morning Mobile article from Mobile Real Estate ID was written by Christie Perkins. She says:

Generation Y, also known as the Millennial Generation (or Millennials), Generation Next,Net Generation, Echo Boomers.......Thanks Wiki

This is me, I am Gen Y, a Millennial and myself and others in this category are also just so happen to be the average age of a homebuyer, based on NAR statsNAR stats I reviewed online recently.

First time homebuyers are getting younger and are now down to 30 from 32 in 2006. In this same NAR post, they asked the question "If this trend continues, how will you bridge the age difference between yourself and buyers?" Let us not forget, the average age of a Realtor® is in their 50's. This means, that the Baby Boomer age, must learn the technology to keep up with and speak directly to their target audience in the Millennial Generation age. So let me give you the run-down of the average Gen Y consumer, ie. Me!

I live in a mobile, fast paced world. I text, I text A LOT. I am currently on day 24 of my billing cycle and have sent and received 3,425 text messages. Meaning I can have conversations with people for days without actually hearing their voice. I download any app on my iPhone that will save me time, money or is fun to do in my spare time. I watch TV and movies on my iPhone or iPad. I email at all times of the day and night because it's all available on my phone, which by the way is always in arms reach (or less). I know what a QR Code is and have scanned many, sometimes just to see where it takes me. But more often than not, I scan, because I am interested in the information on the other side of that QR Code. I search YouTube if I want to learn "How To" because I know no matter how random, a video will probably be there. I shop online, and I shop online from my cell phone. I am on Twitter and Facebook 80% of the day, because my mobile device allows me to be with just a click of a button. My mobile device keeps me connected in more ways than I can count on two hands, and both feet.

I am an Instant Gratification kind of person, I want something and I want it now. This might be information, a response from someone I sent an email or text, or to get to my destination without reading an Atlas or printed yahoo map. My patience level is very low, because society and the world I live in has taught me that if I can't get what I want or need from one website, or person, I can go to another. I can only hope that technology one day allows my phone to be surgically attached to my hand.

A lot of these things also apply to other generations as well. Gen X also has some similar qualities, not just mine. But as I heard Chris Smith, of Inman News, mention recently "Some of us are digital natives, while others are digital immigrants. It is more difficult for the older adopters to learn what some of us were born into" This just means that those digital immigrants have to try a little harder to learn the language. But if your potential home buyer knows the language of Text, QR Codes and searches for information on Mobile Websites....shouldn't you at least be sure to learn the basics of mobile marketing, so that you can survive in their digital country?

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