WATCH: Broker Public Portal with Homesnap - Take Charge of Your Listings

April 23 2019

Paying too much for your leads? How does a price tag of $0 sound? That's how much agents and brokers across the country are paying, thanks to the Broker Public Portal with Homesnap.

Available to over 1,000,000 agents, the Broker Public Portal is an industry-lead initiative that's upending the dominance of portals like Zillow--and ending the need for agents to pay for leads generated from their own listings.

In a webinar last week, we learned all about the Broker Public Portal with Homesnap and what it can do for brokerages and their agents. Watch the recording below to hear from David Howell of McEnearny Associates and see a demo of Homesnap Pro and all its best features. Then, be sure to claim your share of the 1,000,000 free leads generated by Homesnap each year!

Webinar Guests

  • David Howell, Executive Vice President & CIO, McEnearny Associates Inc
  • Gayle Weiswasser, SVP Communications & Business Development, Homesnap
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists.

1:40 - What is the Broker Public Portal (BPP)?

4:15 - What inspired the BPP?

6:14 - Why Homesnap? Why was it chosen as the BPP's partner?

7:25 - Internet traffic data from Hitwise shows that only 13% of traffic from the top 10 real estate sites are generated by brokerage/franchise/MLS sites. The rest is from third party intermediaries like Zillow, Movoto,, etc.

8:30 - Marilyn turns it over to Gayle Weiswasser who explains the benefits of BPP for brokerages.

11:51 - Gayle shares the benefits that agents receive from the BPP with Homesnap.

12:32 - Finally, Gayle talks about how Homesnap and the BPP benefits consumers.

15:44 - The power of a having a national brand like Homesnap: SEO benefits, national press coverage, top placement in Google Play and the App Store, etc.

16:34 - A few statistics about the BPP with Homesnap: Over 1 million agents have access, it's available in 48 out of 50 states, and more.

17:21 - Homesnap is integrated with MLS software providers like Paragon and Dynaconnections. Integrations with Matrix, flexmls, and Rapattoni coming in 2019.

18:43 - Brokerage executive David Howell shares why working with BPP with Homesnap has been a positive experience for his firm. David shares background information on his company.

19:43 - How and why David's firm, McEnearny Associates Inc, decided to get involved with the BPP.

21:14 - David shares how Homesnap's broker branding works, and success statistics like: over 41,000 client invitations sent to download app within first two weeks of launch with a 50% success rate. Agent adoption over 80% in first month. BPP made their brokerage look very good.

24:16 - The feedback that McEnearny Associates has heard from their agents, and the features they use most.

28:33 - David shares how their buyers' agents use Homesnap Pro.

29:55 - How the agents of McEnearny Associates use Homesnap Pro in their marketing plan and/or listing presentations.

33:00 - David's advice to other brokers looking for an edge in their marketing.

34:24 - Gayle Weiswasser begins a live demo of the Homesnap Pro app. She walks us through some of the app's best and coolest features.

55:43 - Gayle shows us a video of the new Homesnap Stories feature. She also shares best practices for creating stories, examples of story ideas, and actual Stories created by real agents. (Learn more about Homesnap Stories in this article.)

59:31 - Questions from audience.

1:01:33 - Find out where to contact Homesnap with questions or to learn more.

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