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What Trick-or-Treaters Can Teach You About Your Real Estate Business

November 02 2011

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Hopefully you are fully recovered from the Halloween shenanigans you've taken part in over the past few days. But, what can all those little bumble-bees, vampires and superheroes teach you about your real estate business?

You’d think all those little trick-or-treaters could teach was the importance of hustling. Seriously, all that effort for a fun-size Milkway? But, you’d be mistaken. Here’s three things you can learn from trick-or-treaters.

Anyone In There

We’ve had too many conversations with Realtors® and mortgage professionals regarding stagnant websites. When those trick-or-treaters are traipsing up and down your block, they’re going to be leery of homes that look neglected.

A run-down house, with no decorations, no lights on and will… a general creepy vibe is going to turn those little ones running. The same thing holds true for your brand.

You want people to know that you’re open for business. A website built in 1999, no social media presence and zero online channels with fresh content isn’t the right message.

Tell A Better Story

One of the best parts about Halloween is the scary stories. The most entertaining and compelling a story is the more buy-in you’re going to have from your audience.

Just like all those great ghost stories, your business needs a story that’ll captivate your audience. When it comes to your real estate business you need to constantly be crafting a better story. Make it easy for people to share your story, to market for you.

There are a few great places to hone your story. Use the About pageAbout page on your site, write about real estate problems on your blogreal estate problems on your blog and engage on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ – or all of them. Start developing your “Why” and the rest falls into place.

Give Out The Best Candy On The Block

Nobody wants to be that house. You know, the one that passes out terrible candy. Every little trick-or-treater wants a kingsize Snickers, not those weird peanut candies.

Quick side note, why do they still make Circus Peanuts, who actually likes them?

Anyway, remember that candy giving is a two-way street. You’re not going to set that big candy bowl out on your porch. Those little ghosts, pirates and princesses have to jump through a few hoops first.

We’re not telling you to ask your clients or prospects to dress up in goofy costumes to have access to your content. However, it’s important that you’re not giving it all away for free.

Whenever you give away great content, whether that’s an ebook, webinars, market updates or other content resources make sure you’re exchanging it for lead information.


As you recover from you Snickers and Milk-Dud induced hangover take some time to reflect. You mind be surprised what you can learn from those miniature ghouls and goblins.

What else can trick-or-treaters teach you about your real estate business?

For two more great tips from trick-or-treaters check out this Hubspot articleHubspot article. Also, huge shout out to HootsuiteHootsuite for our Hootkit!  Thanks for the awesome stuff!

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