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Contact Management Is a Contact Sport

April 15 2019

Being a speaker, trainer and presenter supporting the real estate community for the past 19 years, I must say my attendees have taught me so much! During breaks and after my sessions, agents are quick to share their experiences with me. Many years ago, I was preparing to give my customer relationship management presentation when a 50-year real estate veteran approached me and asked if I was the presenter.

His question was, "Should I take the class?"

My response to the gentleman was, "Tell me how you are doing your customer management currently. Are you using Top Producer, Outlook or some other customer relationship management program?"

He pulls a stack of 3" x 5" index cards from his pocket, and says, "This is what I use."

As I looked at the cards, I saw paper clips and rubber bands, and most were rather tattered. I was definitely intrigued how such a seasoned veteran of the real estate industry was using this system. I asked him if would mind sharing how he uses his card system.

He explained these cards are divided up by prospects, current transactions, past clients and people I need to be a REALTOR, like home inspectors, etc. I noticed the cards were held together by one large rubber band, but divided into the four categories he mentioned. I asked him to explain the prospects and past clients stack. He showed me a card; it had information needed about the person, family, dates, interest and other facts. He explained that he used his cards when he called one of these peopleā€”he took notes and moved the card to the back of the bundle after noting the date and anything new.

Some of the cards had paper clips holding more than one card. I asked about them and he said he talked to those contacts a lot. He told me any time he had a free moment during the day and evening, he just pulled the stack out, read the top card and called them.

With great admiration, I asked if he was interested in teaching the class I was about to present? He did attend the session, but he left me with one giant lesson. It's not the system, it's the person, and part of my theme was taking a lead or prospect to a higher, better relationship! Maybe 3" x 5" cards are the answer for some of you!

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