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Video: Tech Tuesday with Maya Paveza (Nov 1)

November 01 2011

Check out our social media guru, Maya Paveza's, latest video:

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Blogging is a technology that is often forgotten. While we race to be the first with the latest and greatest gadgets and services, it doesn't matter much unless you have a great website with IDX and a blog with fresh content.

Content doesn't have to be elaborate or fancy, think basic information on your local area. Think seasonal - in the fall share events like Apple Picking, Fall Festivals, Hayrides, in the Winter think skiing, ice skating, Winter Festivals. When Spring rolls around you should have enough people following that you can direct more posts to preparing your yard for the spring and summer.

Posting content at least three times a week is also important. Keeping it fresh, local and relevant is really important. Use a lot of area references in your writing, think of what people might be using for search terms so that you are proactively building organic search power into your blog.

If you do this consistently you will quickly rise to the top of your local market. Sometimes the basics are the most powerful technology we have.

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