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4 Tips for Growing Your Real Estate Business with Instagram

April 10 2019

delta tips growing with instagramNo matter what platforms you prefer for marketing your real estate business, there's no doubt that visual marketing is a massive key to attracting qualified real estate leads. That's just one reason why Instagram, one of the most popular social platforms in the world, is also among the best places online to promote your real estate business.

Having a plan based on proven practices is crucial to Instagram success, and we're here to help you get started with four tips for growing your real estate business with Instagram.

1. Set Goals and Consider Your Target Audience

Before you can start growing your business on Instagram, it helps to have an idea of what you wish to accomplish with your Instagram presence, and what type of leads you are aiming to attract. Stunning, high-quality photos are an asset no matter who you aim to attract, but the content you share may be different depending on your target audience.

Luxury home buyers may have less interest in budgeting guides while showing more interest in home technology, amenities, and tours of unique, stunning properties. First-time buyers, on the other hand, may be looking for all the help they can get with handling the financial and logistical details of their first purchase.

2. Build a Beautiful Instagram Business Page

For real estate businesses, setting up a business Instagram page is a must, because it gives you access to a ton of additional data through Instagram Insights about how people interact with your content. Your business page should include a compelling, informative bio, attractive, high-quality photos of yourself / your team, a memorable user name that ties into your business, and a link to your real estate website. Your business bio is especially important and should speak directly to the target audience that we mentioned in the first tip. It also helps to have consistent branding, which matches your other online properties.

3. Create a Content Calendar and Embrace Seasonal Marketing

Creating content for your Instagram page is a never-ending process, so organization is a must. Create a content calendar where you can mark down content ideas, and keep the creation process on schedule. Seasonal marketing makes it much easier to create content because you can focus on holidays, local events, home improvement / maintenance tips for each season, and traditions that make each season unique in your market areas. Don't be afraid to try something new with your content, or to look at other real estate pages for Instagram inspiration.

4. Use Real Estate Hashtags to Help People Find Your Content

Just getting started with Instagram, and looking for an easy way to help more prospects find your page? Real estate hashtags are crucial to Instagram success because so many Instagram users rely on hashtags to find great content. Popular real estate hashtags include:

  • #(yourmarketarea) – Helps people looking for local content about your markets
  • #(yourcity)REALTOR – Helps people who are looking for local REALTORS®
  • #(yourcity)RealEstate – Perfect for attracting house-hunters
  • #(yourcity)OpenHouse – Instagram is a great place to promote events like open houses

These are just a few examples, so it pays to experiment to find the hashtags that work best for your audience and business.

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