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111 Blog Ideas for Real Estate Professionals

April 03 2019

lwolf 111 blog ideasRunning a real estate blog can be a really great way to increase traffic to your site--and position yourself as an industry expert at the same time. But it isn't always easy to come up with blog topics, especially when you're always on the go!

So to help you kickstart the creativity, here's a handy list of 111 ideas for when you just can't think of something your clients and potential clients will want to read.

Features and highlights

  1. Put the spotlight on a local listing. Sharing photos, features, and stories in a casual setting like a blog helps readers fall in love with it!
  2. Feature a staff member or agent who's done a great job recently.
  3. Promote or do a recap of an event at your brokerage. Is there something coming up? Why will people want to be there?
  4. List out upcoming local festivals. Is there something coming up in your community? What festivals happen throughout the year?
  5. Feature a local company. Are there some you work with frequently?
  6. Put the spotlight on one of your clients. Show people the faces behind the success stories—they may find it relatable and want to work with you!
  7. Tell the story of a special case study. Is there one story that really stands out for you? Why?
  8. List out some of your favorite blogs or news sites. Are there sources you think your readers would find valuable? Sharing the love between blogs encourages them to reciprocate, too.
  9. List out your favorite apps for agents. What couldn't you live without? Why?
  10. Feature good apps for buyers and sellers.
  11. List out your favorite local resources. Does your community center have a good program schedule? Are there events going on at your local library?
  12. Highlight celebrities who have moved to your area.
  13. Feature blog posts about your area. Have any local sources (or even large-scale ones) written about your area? Covered events that happened? Highlighted local restaurants?
  14. Feature your favorite local charities. People looking to move to your area will be interested to hear about community initiatives like this.
  15. Feature your favorite Instagram designers. Younger audiences love seeing design inspiration photos—who on social media really inspires your own design?
  16. Are there any Instagram-famous designers in your area?

Creative listings ideas

  1. Pick a few listings, and instead of writing about them, use their pictures to create a décor inspiration post. This lets people fall in love with the house—and then realize they can buy it!
  2. Share photos of a home, and ask the seller to describe their favorite thing about each photo, or a memory they have of that room.

Content marketing

  1. How did you start your career in real estate? Telling your personal story can help potential clients see you on a personal level.
  2. Write a FAQ. What do clients and prospects ask you a lot? This also gives you a good resource to share out with people looking to move.
  3. Share your social media tips. What have you learned that other agents can learn from? It's not giving away your secrets—it establishes that you know what you're talking about!
  4. Share your brokerage's passion for a topic. Are there local issues that your team really cares about?
  5. Interview someone on your team. Doing a Q&A and sharing it on your blog works a lot like telling your personal story for everyone in your brokerage.
  6. What does your brokerage do that others don't?

Ultimate guides

  1. Everything someone needs to know about relocating to your area. Are there unique bylaws? Zoning restrictions? Fun traditions?
  2. How to vet an agent. What should people look for when choosing an agent to work with?
  3. Everything a new homeowner needs to know about decorating and interior design.
  4. Everything a new homeowner needs to know about renovating.
  5. Everything a new homeowner needs to know about landscaping.
  6. Create a seller's guide to home inspections.
  7. Create a buyer's guide to home inspections.
  8. Create an ultimate guide to staging your home.
  9. Ultimate techniques for marketing your home.
  10. Everything a new real estate agent needs to know about marketing.
  11. The ultimate list of emergency contacts and local contacts.
  12. The ultimate list of budgeting tips for aspiring homeowners.

Resources for homeowners

  1. How to host a successful open house.
  2. How to help your home save on energy.
  3. Home hacks every homeowner should know about.
  4. List out the best Facebook groups for local and new homeowners.
  5. Create your own home-buying calculator, based on your local market.
  6. Write about home design trends, like Feng Shui or the Marie Kondo method.
  7. How to hold a housewarming party without being self-indulgent.
  8. How to deal with bad neighbors.
  9. How to appreciate good neighbors.
  10. Write out some tips for moving with kids and/or pets without losing your mind.
  11. What makes a house stay on the market?

Resources for aspiring homeowners

  1. Create a how-to guide for moving from renting to owning.
  2. Discuss how credit scores affect home buying.
  3. List ways people can increase their credit scores for when they want to buy a house.
  4. Create checklists that people can download, like the steps of the home selling process or things to ask your real estate agent.
  5. Real Estate 101: essential terms homeowners should know.
  6. Write out the difference between two commonly confused concepts.
  7. List out the best ways to avoid legal issues when selling or buying a home.
  8. What should buyers and sellers be ready for that they might not expect?
  9. List out how to spot a real estate scam or hoax, or talk about ones you've seen.
  10. Describe how to spot an overpriced or underpriced home.
  11. What frequently goes wrong with home sales? How can people avoid them?
  12. List out your upcoming open houses.

Introducing folks to your area

  1. Create your own ultimate guide to local restaurants by going on a food tour and taking your own pictures.
  2. Do a coffee shop tour, and share your findings with your readers.
  3. Discuss the local job market, including any new or upcoming opportunities.
  4. Discuss the best local programs for your target market.
  5. Create a tour guide of local landmarks for newcomers.
  6. What cool stories have been in your local news lately?
  7. List out some local innovations—like bike regulations, transportation systems, and other cool things your area is doing.
  8. List the best local places for affordable or luxury décor and furniture.
  9. List out the best walking and biking trails in your area.
  10. What are the best local places for live music?

Inspirational and behind-the-scenes topics

  1. What advice has stuck with you for a long time? Who gave you that advice?
  2. What does a typical day look like for you?
  3. How did you start your business?
  4. What are the five lessons you've learned that could help someone who wants to do what you do?
  5. What's the toughest part of your job?
  6. What's the most rewarding part of your job?
  7. What's your favorite thing about what you do?
  8. What's your favorite thing about your area?
  9. Who inspires you? Why?
  10. Do you have any hobbies that relate to real estate?
  11. What adventures have you had on the job?
  12. What's the weirdest thing a seller or buyer has ever asked you for?
  13. What's the weirdest listing you've ever had?
  14. What's the cutest home buyer or seller story you've ever heard?
  15. Start a regular Q&A column, where readers can send in questions and you answer them.
  16. Put together a list of your favorite décor-related Pins for the week.

Just-for-fun ideas

  1. Create a collection of the best real estate-related memes or GIFs you can find.
  2. Create a library of the best real estate-related jokes you know.
  3. Put together a list of resources you think are good for your clients—things like mortgage calculators, good books for budgeting, and more.
  4. Answer common questions on forums. Sites like Quora and Reddit are full of people asking questions; head over and choose a few to answer on your blog!
  5. Tell a story of the wildest thing you've ever done to sell a house.
  6. List out some fun DIY projects for homeowners.
  7. Create some Best of/Worst of lists, featuring things like home renovations and yard jobs.
  8. Write a rant about a topic that will also help educate your audience.
  9. Create a playlist for clients to celebrate buying their first house.
  10. Create a playlist for clients to celebrate selling their house.
  11. List out something that people can do in your area on every day of the week.
  12. Ask sellers to write a "welcome to the neighborhood" letter for prospective buyers.

Industry-related ideas

  1. List out myths about real estate and why they're wrong.
  2. List out myths about real estate and why they're right.
  3. Where will the real estate industry be in five years? In 10 years?
  4. What's changed since you started in real estate?
  5. Discuss any local regulations that affect real estate and buyers and sellers.
  6. Discuss core issues for real estate, like renting versus buying.
  7. Cover breaking news in your area in an op-ed style.
  8. Discuss local housing trends, and add your two cents.
  9. List out the best local homes for each type of budget.
  10. Keep track of home buyer trends, and highlight listings that match on your blog.
  11. Do an honest review of a real estate-related book.
  12. Talk about some non-traditional financing options that clients might not know about.
  13. What should people expect from a landlord or tenant?
  14. List out some landlord or tenant red flags.

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