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How Do You Know You Don’t Like Social Networking?

April 30 2010

orangecallerIf you decide not to use Social Networking, it's the right decision as long as it is an educated decision.

Realtors have so much to do in a day – it’s amazing that they are able to be so energetic and ready to provide service to their clients. One of the primary characteristics of a Realtor is the gift of being able to communicate with their clients in a way that makes their client feel comfortable with their decision to sell or purchase a home.  No two clients communicate the same or move at the same pace. In todays world, communicating is not only face-to-face, email or snail mail. Communicating and building relationships also grow by the use of social networking. A Realtor’s job is to communicate with their clients the way in which the client communicates. 

Learning anything new can be intimidating depending on how you look at it. The first thing to remember is that what you learn does not define who you are. You can decide to ignore or avoid social networking. This does not define you. You can decide to take it on at full force. This does not define you. Either decision has a result. The result is a product of your decision.

Just don’t make a decision based on ignorance.

Make a decision based on knowledge. Take classes and learn about social networking. Learn about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging. These are the most popular social networking platforms out of literally hundreds. Once you have the knowledge, then make a decision.

Any decision you make, whether it is to use one, all, or none of the social networking platforms is the right decision because you are educated.