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Do You Want the New Facebook Profile Early?

October 31 2011

Disclaimer: we have not tried creating an app to get the new Facebook profile early! We came across this post and found it interesting. If you walk through the steps (they seem pretty easy), please comment below to let us know if it worked for you.

This article appeared originally on the Escrow Coordinator PLUS+ blog. To view the original post, visit

As you probably have heard by now, Facebook is rolling out the new timeline feature this month. The profile offers a bunch of changes, the most obvious being the giant backroundish picture that you can create a cool looking banner with. If you are like me and can't handle waiting for anything I have put together a quick walkthrough on how to get it now! You will be the envy of your internet friends for at least a couple weeks giving you time to be the know-it-all with tips, and the coolest background.

It is a little complicated but I have tried to write it as easy to understand as possible and you will be set up in about 10 minutes.

Get started: Log into Facebook and type "developer" in the search bar at the top. You will feel like Mark Zuckerberg at this point because you will be in the developer section. You may want to put on a hoodie for this.

Now click on "create an app" in the top right. The names you fill in don't show up anywhere so you can put in whatever you want like "imgettingcooler" or something. Once its filled in just enter the catcha to continue. Also don't forget to agree to the terms of service by clicking the little box below the name entering space.

The next page will be the app page, and from here you will click on open graph in the lefthand sidebar. On this page you will be prompted to fill out the two spaces with a verb and a noun, almost like a simple description of what you app does, like "be" "cool." Just click get started to move on.

Now on this page just scroll to the bottom and click "save changes and next"

Do the same thing on this page, and on the next page scroll down to click save and finish.

Now that that is all done, just go back to your profile and boom, it will be completely un-recognizable. Just pick a new background image and explore away. For now only other people with the new profile will see yours until it is rolled out to everyone else. I have seen some really creative looking setups from people. On mine I just put up a giant Starwars mural I had painted in my garage. If you have a real estate business though, you may be able to come up with some creating banners for yourself.