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How to Sell Your Listings Using Video and Social Media

March 11 2019

hdc sell listings video social mediaHave you ever wondered what you can do to take your real estate business to the next level? Sue "Pinky" Benson figured out the best option: use videos.

Benson is a Realtor based out of Naples, Fla. When she moved there three years ago, she found that the market for real estate was extremely competitive.

She knew she needed to create a competitive edge that would separate her from the other Realtors. Two and a half years later, her idea to branch into videos paved the way to her success.

Benson is now a national speaker covering video and social media marketing. She was ranked number two as a live video influencer by BombBomb and has been featured in many real estate publications.

She recently appeared on a Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar and shared some of her secrets for making a great, engaging video.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Benson suggests being prepared with equipment to make your video as professional as possible without spending a ton of money. Equipment could include a microphone for proper audio quality or a tripod for stabilizing your video. Both of these pieces of equipment can be purchased for $30 or less on Amazon.

Benson says not to wait until you have this equipment to start shooting. Start with what you already have. Using what you have can save money and help you learn how to shoot video in the beginning. Starting with a smartphone is a great way to begin. Not everyone needs a $5,000 camera.

How Do I Make an Engaging Video?

Making an engaging video can be difficult. Benson has several suggestions that can help make your video engaging. Before you start your video, make sure you are in a well-lit area—a poorly lit video will be difficult for viewers to watch.

When you start a live video, do not wait for your viewers to join in. Start the video and let your viewers will join as you go along. Remember to greet your viewers and thank them for joining. Being grateful for your viewers shows that you appreciate them taking the time to watch your video.

Make sure you have good sound quality in the room that you are in. If there is music playing in the background, turn it down so that you are able to be heard. Your audience may forgive a poorly lit video, but poor sound quality will make it unwatchable.

And finally, make sure that you look happy. Smiling on your video shows that you are happy to share information with your viewers and that you are happy to be doing the video.

What Do I Do in the Video?

You are probably thinking, "What do I do in the video?" Pinky suggests showing little parts of your life to your viewers. Show what you are cooking for dinner or a project that you have been working on. Be yourself with your viewers.

Benson says, "Stop posting 3-bedroom, 2 bath crap." Connect with your buyers and sellers on a personal level and share things that you may have in common with them.

When filming, Benson shares facts about the community she has a listing in. She takes the time to look up little thing about the community to share special hotspots or locations in the area where buyers may be looking. This helps build engagement and encourages buyers and sellers to come back to your profile to see what life is like where you live.

When filming your video, also share some of the local businesses. There are many buyers that take an interest in supporting local businesses. Benson says to shoot videos on how good a dry cleaner's service is or talk about how good the food is at one of your favorite restaurants.

For more tips and information on how you can promote your business using video, take a look at the Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar here. To register for our next Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, click here.

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