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Great Real Estate Apps For Consumers

October 27 2011

One word for Corri Corey and Chase Thompson at The Ticker Show: wow! This tech savvy (and camera-ready) twosome provides fun and education content for the real estate industry. We are so thrilled that they've agreed to share some of it with us. So enjoy this first article from The Ticker Show and stay tuned for much much more!

Today we take a look at two more apps that can help consumers during the home buying processapps that can help consumers during the home buying process and beyond. Take some time to learn about these apps, and then pass on the knowledge to your clients.

These aren’t the standard Zillow, Trulia or REALTOR®.com apps you’d imagine we’d be covering. Today we’re talking about an app that is a great recommendation for those clients who can’t get into a home just yet. Then we move onto an app that you should be giving to every client you can.

Help Me, Help You

For the average consumer looking for a new place to live is frustrating, stressful and time-consuming. NestioNestio is an app that helps curate scattered listings. Nestio is the easiest way for consumers to make the most informed decision on where to rent.

As a loan originator or real estate agent we encounter potential clients every day that just are not in a position to buy. The people we encounter most often are those that have credit issues. All too often we lose contact with these people because we don’t have anything to offer them, but a lame 52 touch email campaign.

Enter Nestio. Be the agent that helps consumers find the best home, until they’re ready to buy their next home. Don’t shy away from these types of apps. Be an agent that owns an attitude of abundance.

Put the consumer on a 52 touch campaign, but also help them by providing resources like Nestio, they’ll reciprocate.

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, I’m Hunting Houses
house hunting

The House Hunter appHouse Hunter app is a consumer’s dream come true. It’s a scorecard that makes tracking, evaluated and comparing homes a breeze. This app is simple to use, but a powerful addition to the home buying process.

The House Hunter app helps remove some of the confusion and stress your clients face when they shop for their next home. This app boasts over 80 different home features to help prioritize and personalize the comparison process.

Whether you have techie clients or not, this should be a go to app for helping you understand the needs of your client. Using the apps share feature you can see a detailed view of the wants and needs of your client.

On top of that, you can see a detailed list of what each property scored and why.


You don’t have to request these apps to your clients. We’d even understand if you were a bit leery about Nestio.

But, we talk to agents every day that want to be a better resource for their clients. They want to talk about more service-oriented topics on their blogs.

These are two great suggested that fit the bill, but which ones did we miss?

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