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The Real Estate Content Golden Ratio

February 27 2019

webbox content golden ratio

The true representation of the mathematical Golden Ratio is complex, but luckily, we're only interested in what ratio of free website content to offered special call-to-action content will work for real estate content lead generation. Even better news for real estate content offerings is that we only need our website visitor's contact information once. We can make the same offer multiple times across the website because we only need them to fill a lead form out once.

This discussion is not about a specific mathematical ratio, but more of a general idea of how we can create a website and call-to-action content for real estate website lead generation. We want good SEO, and we want to build our website traffic. A great deal of free and relevant valuable information must be offered for the search engines, but more for our website visitors. If we're enjoying new visitors, the trick is to move that anonymous visitor to a known prospect whose contact information we have for follow-up marketing.

LOTS of Valuable Content

What is valuable content on a real estate website? Your past customers and clients can tell you all you need to know. Start paying attention to every question you get via email and in person. Every question is a probable website topic for content. It's valuable to your site visitors because it has answers to questions you've been getting. There is no detail too small for content creation. Once you begin to gather questions, you'll know that you can build out a very large website without having to dig for things to write about.

  • Questions asked by listing clients
  • Buyer questions during showings and the transaction
  • Every phase and document in the transaction process
  • Negotiations, both price and repairs
  • Tons of neighborhood and market area information for out of area buyers.

Creating pages or posts focused on each individual topic will give you some SEO value, as the search robots can easily identify one single topic for each page/post.

Special Content Offered for Action

You really don't have to think too much about what you're going to hold back while you're creating site content pages/posts. They're going to be overviews of the topic of each, and general in nature. However, once you get to this point, you're going to find that you can offer specific highly valuable content via call-to-action forms and email delivery.

Example: You have an overview page of the transaction process for buyers. You explain the steps of the process, from the first contract negotiations, through financing, inspection, and through to the closing table. In doing so, you're going to touch on multiple places where a sample document can better explain the process, like a sample HUD-1 and documents that support it.

The point is that you can be very thorough in your free online content information and still find plenty of special offerings, like statistics and MLS reports, to offer via forms and a call-to-action to get the special offering.

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