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Having Trouble Selling Your Listing? This Is Why

February 11 2019

hdc trouble selling listing this is whyWhen trying to sell a home, it needs to look its very best so that potential buyers can see themselves living in the home. You can help your clients by steering them in the right direction by teaching them how to stage their home for showings.

As a real estate agent, your goal is to not only find your clients the home of their dreams, but to assist in selling their homes. You may have a client who has decided to hire you, but the listing isn't selling.

There are plenty of factors that could hinder the listing from being sold, however all the reasons tend to fall into one of three categories. It could be that the home isn't priced correctly, the home isn't ready to be sold, or even that there is not enough exposure for the listing. As an agent, you have to focus on these factors to assist in making sure the home sells.

Is the Price Right?

All homeowners want to sell their home for top dollar. However, you should help your clients determine the correct asking price so that the home can be sold. You should assist your client with this so they can list the home with a realistic price in mind.

To do that, you and your clients can start by looking at the current value of the home. Comparing the values of the homes in the area is a great place to start when determining a fair listing price. This is where you can apply your local expertise to create a CMA. Once your clients have found the value of the home, they should look at the local value of similar homes in the area that they live in.

Your clients should make the price approachable as well. When something is listed at an "attractive" price, potential buyers will take interest in it. For instance, listing the home at $199,999 as opposed to $200,000 will make the price more appealing. Also, listing a home at an obscure price like $123,456 may come off weird to the potential buyer and may cause them to stray away from your listing.

Have Your Clients Staged the Home to Sell?

Staging the listing will help potential buyers see the full potential of the home. To do this, you may have to ask your clients to do things like clean up the home, paint walls, and remove worn down pieces of furniture or accents. Keep a few things in mind when staging your listing: declutter, keep the decor neutral, and follow current trends.

Download the Winter Staging Checklist for your next client here!

When potential buyers come into a home that is put together and clean, they tend to take more of an interest in the home. A study found a home that is staged will sell 87 percent faster than a home that is not staged, and 95 percent of staged homes sell within 11 days; that makes all of the difference for your client's listing.

Is the Home Being Marketed to Sell?

Your listing may not be gaining enough exposure. A digital listing is a great place to start, but for the listing to be successful, there are some things that you should consider. You should be prepared to market this home as if it were your own home.

Take good photos of the home for the online listing. Photos that are blurry are wasted space on a real estate website. If a potential buyer cannot make out the images of the home, then chances of them taking an interest in looking at the home drop. Having good photos that showcase the home to its fullest potential will speed up the selling process.

Don't forget to use your social media. Social media is a great, free tool that can help sell your client's home. Putting this listing on your social media account will grant the listing more exposure. If you want the home to gain exposure to the real estate market, this is a great tool.

Helping your client sell their home is a huge part of your job as a real estate agent. Making sure that your listing is prepared to sell by pricing the home correctly, staging it beautifully, and marketing it to an engaged audience of real buyers will ensure a successful listing.

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