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YouTube Real Estate Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

February 06 2019

delta youtube marketing ultimate guideVideo marketing is one of the most useful tools for growing your real estate brand, and there's no better platform than YouTube for showcasing your best video content.

With more than a billion users and a name known around the world, YouTube is a great place to reach real estate prospects from a wide range of demographics. It's also a fast, reliable platform for sharing video, which makes it easy for prospects to see what you have to offer.

But success with YouTube isn't automatic. Learn how to position yourself for success with our ultimate guide to YouTube real estate marketing.

How to Set Up an Attractive, Appealing YouTube Channel

The first step in YouTube success starts with setting up your channel so that viewers can easily see what your business has to offer:

  • Create an Appealing Channel Page – You want your channel page to look as great as your real estate website, with consistent imaging and messaging. Choose a banner and profile image that showcases your brand name, headshot, and contact info. An image of one of your best listings can also fit great on this part of your page.

  • Tell Them About Your Business – It's easy to overlook the "about us" section of your page when you're focused on creating great video, but you'll want to take the time to tell people what your business has to offer. Provide contact information and easy links to your other online marketing channels, as well as details on the key perks they can expect when working with your business.

Create a Plan for Your Video Content

Once you have your channel set up, it's time to start creating content. Keeping a regular schedule is essential, and you can get great content ideas from seeing what other agents are doing with their channels.

  • Create a Video Content Schedule – A regular schedule for releasing video content is a great way to keep your content creation on track and let your audience know that they can expect new videos frequently. It's also important to have a long-term plan, which lays out the types of videos you plan to create.

  • Discover What Works for Your Business – There are a ton of different ways to approach video content, and some of the most popular content types include: how-to videos, market overviews, neighborhood guides, listing videos, agent interviews, and buyer / seller tips. If you need inspiration, check out what other popular real estate YouTube channels have to offer.

  • SEO Friendly – Make sure that your videos include real estate keywords in your titles, descriptions, and tags to make your content more SEO friendly. Google places a high value on video content for SEO, so the effort is more than worth it.

Tips for Promoting Your YouTube Content

With an attractive channel page set up and your first few videos under your belt, it's time to start promoting your YouTube channel to the world. Schedule social media posts regularly to promote your latest video content, and be sure to link back to relevant videos from your real estate website. Include video content / links in your email marketing, and use your real estate blog to showcase the best of what your YouTube channel has to offer.

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