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What Today's Buyers Are Looking for Online

February 06 2019

Whether you're a new agent or a seasoned pro, chances are you're always looking for that competitive edge over other local agents to score the hottest new listings in your area.

From your (perfectly on-brand) listing presentation to your rock-solid knowledge of the latest neighbourhood sales, you've got the tools you need to nail the appointment.

While those factors can certainly help sway a seller's decision and win you the handshake, one thing is certain: in today's market, sellers have a LOT of questions.

One of their biggest questions is likely to be your ability as an agent to market their home online. More than just putting the home on MLS, your website, and your social media - they'll want to know exactly what you'll do to make their home stand out from the competition to prospective buyers.

When your potential client begins peppering you with questions about how to appeal to buyers online, do you really know what to say?

Having the confidence to put their minds at ease about putting the keys to one of the biggest transactions in their lives in your hands, you're sure to get the head nod and handshake you've been waiting for.

Now it's time to prepare the property to hit MLS - and every second is of the essence to have that property SOLD!

Here's what today's buyers are looking for when they shop for homes online:

Today's Homeowners Rely on Digital When Shopping

We are in a digital age - and real estate is NO exception!

First of all, we must understand how today's home buyers search for their next home. Remember the days when selling a home involved a phone call to a Realtor to search a (then private) database, or a visit to the local pharmacy to see the weekly listings on the bulletin board? Although nostalgic, those days are gone.

Today's buyers have access to high quality, professional images and virtual tours of properties, and can even have an immersive, almost real-life experience in a property at the touch of a button from their phone!

With consumers' growing access to high-tech, the onus is on agents today to compete more than ever.

The 2017 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers breaks down the key elements that buyers want to see when they're browsing online:

  1. Property photos
  2. Property details
  3. Floor plans
  4. Virtual tours
  5. Neighbourhood information

So when the clock is ticking, don't cut corners - provide potential buyers with exactly what they're looking for online.

When a REALTOR® uses iGUIDE, they cover all five of those bases.

Here's how iGUIDE has you covered:

Attractive Property Photography and Virtual Tours

Our iGUIDE camera helps you or your professional photographer capture high-quality property photos and valuable information, like measurement data, 360° panoramas, and even where the natural sunlight pours in!

We've got a list of photographers who use our designated iGUIDE technology (the IMS-5 Camera System) closest to you, or we can help you do it yourself. For the average home, this takes about 30 minutes to an hour - so you and your team can have a professional, pleasant, and efficient shooting process of the home.

Then you can adjust the photos to your liking. Want them to be a bit brighter, or adjust the cool tones to better suit your Insta theme? Go for it! You can even use Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to edit the images, if desired.

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Detailed Floor Plans, Measurements, Property Areas, Map and Area Information

Send the data to us, and leave it to us to produce your iGUIDE—complete with floor plans, 360° virtual views, photos, room dimensions, and property areas for your listing. If you've got still photos, we can include those too! There's even a scroll-friendly, interactive map where users can check out the area and see what's nearby.

The Tools You Need to Showcase the Home Online

Our iGUIDE® Report is what you receive once your iGUIDE is ready. It includes 3D tour links, professional images, property details, PDF floor plans, copy and paste-able room measurements and easy-to-embed code. In it you will find all of the links, downloads, and tools you need to list your property and market it online.


Make the most of every moment when the property hits MLS - for less time on the market, and a higher probability of a profitable, efficient sale that's sure to please your sellers. When the SOLD sign goes up, you can thank us - and you'll be practicing the same listing presentation when they refer you to their friends and family!

There you have it - iGUIDE provides all the answers to your prospective buyers' questions - in a professional, sophisticated package equipped with today's cutting-edge technology.

planitar iguide couple 2

Now, we'll leave it to you to line up the showings!

Learn how you can get iGuide today!

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