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Safe Selling: The 'No Influence' Sales Strategy

January 28 2019

Here's something you can try on your next showing: the 'No Influence' sales strategy. It's a showing technique you can use to keep yourself safe from potential predators--all while making legitimate prospects feel like a million bucks.

From childhood, we're taught to make others comfortable in our presence, and as Realtors, a certain interpersonal ease is important in building a thriving client base. Because of this, too many agents ignore their gut instincts to protect themselves during in-person interactions with new prospects. They fear alienating a prospect by making them uncomfortable.

The No Influence technique lets agents seem every inch the gracious guide during a showing. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, this strategy actually allows agents to subtly position themselves in a protective manner during showings.

Check out this week's Safe Selling video to learn more about this technique. Watch the video above to:

  • Get a script to use with prospects during the home tour
  • Learn why this technique pleases legit buyers and deflates predators

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