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How MoveEasy Saves You Money When You Move

January 28 2019

moving boxes familyNo one moves more than Americans. Across 16 major European countries, Gallup says the average European moves about four times in their lives. The average American? We move nearly four times as frequently — almost 12 times in our lifetimes. Moving is as American as hot dogs, baseball and apple pie.

But unlike baseball, hot dogs and apple pie, for nearly everyone, moving isn't something we enjoy. For many people, moving causes stress — a lot of stress. One study in the UK, where people move just five times in their lifetimes, surveyed 2,000 adults who moved in the past three years. They found almost two in three people (61 percent) placed moving as No. 1 on their stress list!

That's not surprising when you consider how much money and time moving costs. Think about this: if you move 10, 11 or 12 times in your lifetime, how much total time have you invested in moving? How much did all those moves, if you totaled them up, cost you?

Making the right move

As a real estate agent, if you could hook your clients up with a free, tech-powered concierge moving service that could save every client both money and a lot of time, would you be interested? That is the essence of MoveEasy: moving made simple by combining people plus tech.

We provide a "white label" service that real estate brokerages can offer clients for free. It's both a moving and post-move concierge platform that combines a human concierge service with technology to make it easier to move and saves clients money.

Because it's fully integrated with the brokerage's technology, MoveEasy streamlines the last mile of the transaction — the move. Agents can rest easier knowing their hard work to deliver exceptional customer service to their clients will continue until their clients are all moved in. Our human concierge not only provides excellent hands-on customer service but also helps clients select the right services at the right price.

A new way to save

Saving money when moving makes a big difference to the people making a move, and it's what MoveEasy offers every real estate client. When a home buyer or seller moves, there are a lot of changes, some beyond the client's control. The mover is often switching utility companies, phone and or cell providers, television and internet service providers, insurance companies and more.

For example, digital services — internet as well as cable or satellite — are one of the most "switched" services when someone moves. And it makes sense. The average annual bill for television services jumped from $700 in 2000 to a whopping $1,200 in 2017, according to a study by Kagan, S&P Global Market Intelligence. Exploring all the digital service choices today can mean big savings over time.

Because MoveEasy works with all providers, we can leverage our technology to compare the best local deals available instantly. Then our human concierge guides the mover personally through all of the details — covering what's in that fine print, so people are not caught by surprise.

We use the same tactics with moving companies, as well as other local home services. Using MoveEasy provides not only a review of the competitive offerings by movers but also guides the person moving to ask the right questions. Because MoveEasy uniquely includes a human concierge to assist each real estate client personally, we can help match the services and special discounts that are available in the location where the client is moving.

And because we manage a large volume of transactions, we can offer exceptional deals. In real dollars, the total savings across all services that MoveEasy offers quickly adds up to more than $500 for each agent's client.

Saving more than money

MoveEasy saves real estate clients a lot more than money. The amount of time someone saves using MoveEasy is stunning.

Think for a minute how much time it takes your clients to complete all of their address-change notifications, reach out to their current utility companies to turn off the power and gas, cancel trash pickup, turn off the water, and stop their internet and cable or satellite services. Then they have to spend time researching which companies to contact for their new utilities, trash, water, followed by making calls to schedule appointments to set them all up for their new place. Your clients also have to spend a tremendous amount of time researching the best new packages for their internet and TV in their new home. All of this makes moving one colossal time suck.

But with MoveEasy, a client can make just one call or click to begin a process that allows a human concierge to take over. MoveEasy handles many of the most time-consuming and mundane tasks to save an agent's client an enormous amount of time in the moving process.

The best part for real estate agents is the fact that our human concierge service is designed to make the moving process go as smoothly as possible saving every buyer and seller time and money — so that an agent comes out looking like a hero for recommending MoveEasy to their clients.

Venkatesh "Ven" Ganapathy is Founder & CEO of MoveEasy, moving made simple by people+tech at Also read Ven's column "Fixing the Last Mile in the Real Estate Transaction."