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Safe Selling: Why You Should Take the (Literal) High Ground

January 21 2019

There are several subtle tricks that real estate agents can use to psychologically "turn off" a predator who's posing as a prospect. We've talked about about a few of them over the last few months--everything from maintaining control of the showing time to a phone technique you can use to screen prospects.

This week, we're letting you in on a simple secret that can demonstrate to predators that you're no agent to mess with. That secret? Taking the high ground... literally.

Watch the video above to learn:

  • How standing slightly above your prospect unconsciously signals your dominance to them
  • Where to find slightly elevated surfaces to stand on when greeting prospects at a listing or public place
  • Why this simple act works as a "buzzkill" to potentially dangerous prospects
  • Why legitimate prospects won't be affected by this technique--so you don't have to worry about alienating them

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