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Landing Pages for Real Estate Seller Lead Generation

January 21 2019

webbox landing pages seller lead gen

What marketing are you doing for seller lead generation? Many real estate professionals do direct mail and farm neighborhoods, and it's very effective. You may also do other print and online marketing, and every method has some success. The question is whether your website is generating seller leads for you, or if you know which real estate seller leads come from your website?

You Need a Plan

This isn't a hit or miss strategy. Too many real estate websites are chock-full of content, but much of it isn't focused on generating a specific type of lead or luring a specific type of prospect. You need a plan and a structure that attracts potential leads, gives them information they're seeking, and then offers them a little bit more to get their contact information. You move them from suspects to prospects.

Action: Set Out What You Need for Content

Make a list, chart, plan, whatever you want to call it. Think like a listing prospect and think/look back to questions they ask most often. If it's how do you decide the listing price, what should we do to get our home ready, or other questions, get them all written down. Those are the seeds for your content plan. You're going to answer those questions.

Think Information and Education

We're not going into a massive keyword-stuffing discussion, as that hasn't worked for a long time. Google has made huge advances in recognizing language and related words and phrases that are used in various industries and topic discussions. Smart and comprehensive content that really explains a topic and answers questions will give you an edge, even if you're not on the first page of search results. You get traffic from many sources other than search, and you need to have the right content when your visitor arrives.

Action: Create Landing Page Answers

You've got your questions that sellers or listing prospects ask most often, so you know what they're using for online search questions as well. The key here is to not think so much about lots of content on a page, but more about very focused content targeted on a single relevant question or topic. Instead of the common practice of a "Sellers" page, you want a page, post, or article about "How Much is My Home worth?" or "How Do We Get Our Home Ready to Sell?"

For each of your questions, you have a landing page with the detailed answer(s). Stay on topic, and keep your content on that page relevant and informative. It will surprise you how much you can write about each topic/question once you get started. Instead of having a bunch of real estate relevant content on that landing page, you have real estate "seller" related content.

Added Value Information

You're giving them thorough answers to their questions, but you need to add value to get them to give up their contact information. Something else is offered that is irresistible to a potential seller. You want forms to take that contact information and calls-to-action to get them to fill in the form.

Action: Generate the Leads

What types of added value offerings can you make to get them to tell you who they are?

  • A sample CMA to show how their home's value is determined for listing.
  • Depending on your opinion, a report of why open houses are either worth it to sellers or they're not effective in selling their homes. Call it a "Confidential" report.
  • MLS sold property reports on topic. For the page about how long it takes to sell a home in the current market and area, give them some info on the page, but offer a detailed printout from the MLS to show days on market for sold homes.
  • Offer a report of sold properties showing their sold price discounts from listing prices.

Offer these reports via email, and get their name and email address. Asking for much more information will cut your response rate.

This isn't that big of a project, as you can re-purpose and break out your content for much of it. You'll see an increase in traffic and leads if you follow these easy steps. Start your plan, but wait to put it into action until you read next week's post about buyer landing pages, as there's a great SEO edge in it that applies.

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