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Thoughtful Closing Gifts to Give Your Clients in 2019

January 14 2019

hdc thoughtful closing gifts 2019How many buyers will you help find a home this year? How will you celebrate when the last sheet of paper is signed, money orders exchanged, and keys handed over? Many agents choose to mark the occasion by presenting their clients with a closing gift – something that will leave a lasting impression and help them settle into their new home.

If you want to join in the closing gift tradition but aren't sure where to start, these closing gift ideas for 2019 are for you.


Plants symbolize growth, making them perfect for clients starting life in a new home. They also add a splash of color that can brighten the homes of those moving during winter and bring needed warmth to a new home's atmosphere.


Sage is a traditional housewarming gift that can be ceremonially burned to cleanse a space of negative energy. You can often find the sage bundled with cedar or other plants that create a pleasant aroma when burned. This simple gift can be very meaningful to those who value traditional ceremonies for big life transitions.

Home Cooked Meal

Figuring out healthy meals can be tricky once all the dishes are packed up, especially with the commotion of moving, organizing, and unpacking other belongings. A homemade meal in a covered, reheatable dish can feel like a miracle – especially if you come prepared with paper plates, utensils, and cups. As an added benefit, each time your clients bring out the dish you gave them, they're likely to think of you.

Baked Goods

If you don't want to provide a full meal, baked goods can be a great closing gift too. Make them yourself or stop by a nearby bakery and pick up a big plate of cookies, scones, or croissants. Just remember to ask your clients if they have any allergies before bringing over a plate of peanut butter cookies.


When a boat launches to sea, you break a bottle of champagne over the bow to give it good luck. When you get a new house, you get to drink the champagne instead. This traditional housewarming gift would make a great closing gift, especially if you pair it with a couple wine or champagne glasses.

Closing gifts are a great way to celebrate a successful transaction, but if you want to show some love to clients who are still headed towards their closing or who already closed, one of's free, brandable eBooks may be in order. The Home Maintenance and Inspection Schedule would be an excellent choice. Check out our free learning library here to access this and dozens of other free guides.

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