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Targeting Emotional Responses in Real Estate Buyers

October 21 2011


Contributor Anita Koppens of Dynamic Page Solutions says:

It’s easy to get in a rut when writing copy for blogs or even articles for your real estate website, but have you considered writing on  a topic with the intent of causing a specific emotional response? I took a lot of sociology classes in college and the basic motivations of human beings are quite simplistic. We want money and prestige. Every nuance of the human response falls under those two categories including beauty, love, sex, respect, power, conquering fear, jealousy…you name it…it all comes back to money and prestige. So how can we capture attention (and customers) by focusing on emotional hot topics?

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Think about why a person might be interested in short selling their home. Try to relate to and reference the issues that may have caused them to be in their current position. Was it the government, the ex-wife, the boss man? Who cares as long as you identify some possible reasons for the situation and sooth some of the emotional upset, of course you must also transition into how you can help them and what makes your expertise different than others.  How about lifestyle envy-that always makes me look-and even if your target audience is buyers in the mid-range, we still like to look at the luxury property on the market…oooohh…aaaahh. Now transition that copy and make sure you give the buyer some really nice alternatives to million dollar homes…new homes are usually nice…so give me the cheap alternative down the block (or maybe a little farther).

Capitalize on trends! If the media is noting that this year more baby boomers will be retiring than ever before, it’s time to focus on the wonders of living in a golf community or the vast leisure opportunities available at the retirement community in your market. How about Green? If you know of a particular builder that’s developed a community based upon green conservation, play up to that group of buyers. They are out there and they’re waiting for you to enthrall them.

Make sure that you keep the thought process narrow because if you target too many emotions at once it really dilutes the intention of the article. Some examples that I’ve thought of for real estate websitereal estate website posts are below and note that each require a geo-specific reference, this is for the search engines to help bring the potential client to your post or page.

Prestige Top 10 Neighborhoods in [YourCityNameHere]

Fear Worst Mistakes [Bostonians] can make While Buying a Home

Respect Most Affluent Luxury Communities in [YourCityNameHere]

Money How to Avoid Foreclosure in [YourCityNameHere]

Security Best Reasons to Live in a [YourCityNameHere] Gated Community

Pleasure Best Retirement Communities in [YourCityNameHere]

Leisure Benefits of Living in a [YourCityNameHere] Golf Community

Pride Exclusive Downtown Hi Rise Living in [YourCityNameHere]

Concern Why Buying a [YourCityNameHere] Green Home Can Make a Difference

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