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You Didn't Get My Message? How Is That So?

October 20 2011




Contributor Austin Allison of DotLoop says:

Communication is Key For Success In The Real Estate Industry.

In addition to establishing relationships with a network of potential clients, you also need to make your communication with them as efficient as possible. This is especially important for new clients. If someone calls or emails you for the first time, they expect a prompt response because they’re eager to learn what value you can provide to them. Make them wait, and there’s a good chance that they’ll move on to a competitor who either took their call or did a better job of reaching out to them.


In Competitive Times, You Can’t Wait for Clients To Come To You.

Even established or referred clientele might opt to work with someone else if they feel your communication efforts aren’t up to par. Although prompt responses to messages and answering the phone are essential for good communication, an easy way to exceed the expectations of clients is through social media.

Social Media Presents Big Opportunities

Considering how many people are connected through Facebook and Twitter, it’s becoming easier for people and businesses to be omnipresent. Social media allows for quick, real-time communication with customers.  Questions about listings or neighborhoods along with basic inquiries can be addressed immediately, making you prompt and efficient in the eyes of the customer.

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Our culture of smart phones and constant connectivity make customer expectations higher than ever.  How quickly you respond to the needs of you customers builds their trust in you, and reinforce the value you provide them.

Are you doing what you can to stay connected with customers?

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