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What Makes Someone Leave Your Website?

October 20 2011

Guest contributor Ricardo Bueno of Diverse Solutions brings us this article. We highly recommend the Diverse Solutions blog, where you will find the original postoriginal post.

Getting more traffic to your site is hard enough. Getting people to stay on your website, once they’ve arrived is a whole other challenge. So it’s important to design your site in such a way that it’s easy to navigate and find what someone is looking for.

Things like:

  • Search for homes.
  • Contact you for questions on a property.
  • Find local, relevant, community info.

The easier it is to navigate your content, and the more reliable the info (is your content up-to-date?), the more likely people are to actually stay on your website. Here’s a neat infographic from KISSmetricsinfographic from KISSmetrics on the things you want to avoid…

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