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Rewind! The Top 5 Educational Webinars for Agents from 2018

December 31 2019

webinar tabletFrom artificial intelligence to predictive analytics, 2018 was the year when our readers learned how today's high tech offerings can help them earn more business--and more commissions. It was also a year that saw two of our favorite real estate tech platforms debut new looks--and sophisticated new features.

Throughout 2018, we hosted a series of live webinars that took an in-depth look at these new developments and more. With a bit of quiet downtime before 2019 gets into full swing, it's an opportune moment to learn more about the technologies that can boost your business' bottom line in the year ahead. This list of our top webinars can help you do just that. So curl up with your laptop, play a webinar or two, and take notes on your favorite strategies and tech products for success in the year ahead!

1. Out Closing the Competition with Artificial Intelligence

Date aired: April 10, 2018

What is artificial intelligence (AI) and how does it impact your business? We explored the ins and outs of AI, including what it can--and can't--do your your real estate practice.

Video breakdown:

  • 6:44 - Defining what AI is and is not
  • 15:45 - Three examples of how AI works in real estate
  • 55:50 - How AI can work for you

2. The New is Here! See What the Buzz is All About

Date aired: June 26, 2018

Tired of the same old property portal experience? Then you should check out the newly redesigned Earlier this year, gave their website a complete overhaul, complete with powerful AI-driven features, like:

  • Conversation, "human-like" search
  • A Match Score to help consumers find their perfect home
  • Snap & Search, an image-based property search that lets you find homes based on photos of features that you like
  • A collaborative search feature that consumers you involve their nearest and dearest in their home search

3. Data Driven Marketing: How to Leverage Today's Tech for More Listings

Date aired: July 10, 2018

Every agent wants to save money and time, but what's a practical way to do this? How about pinpointing which homeowners in your area are most likely to sell so that you can market to them, and not waste your budget on unlikely sellers?

Thanks to technology, there's a way to do this--predictive analytics. Predictive analytics uses thousands of data points about consumers and their homes to ascertain which are most likely to sell soon. Find out more in this webinar!

Video breakdown:

  • 3:50 - Realtor Tristan Ahumada shares his team's digital strategy and how predictive analytics fits in
  • 27:30 - Why predictive analytics is so effective for lead generation, and how it can reduce your costs
  • 32:55 - How predictive analytics works and how to market to the leads it gives you

4. Discover How a Next Gen CRM is Changing the Real Estate Game

Date aired: July 24, 2018 wasn't the only major real estate tech player to get a makeover this year. Longtime CRM favorite IXACT Contact also debuted an overhaul of their platform, complete with goal setting features, a business pipeline, lead source tracking, and more. In this webinar, we got a peek at all of IXACT's new features.

Video breakdown:

  • 5:10 - How a real estate CRM is different from a generic CRM, and why that's important
  • 9:30 - Live demo of the new IXACT Contact
  • 53:04 - How IXACT'S Concierge service can get you up and running on their platform in no time--and at no added cost

5. Build the Business of Your Dreams with a NextGen CRM

Date aired: November 14, 2018

Read to hit your income goals in the year ahead? Learn how IXACT Contact can help you achieve financial success in 2019. During this webinar, we took an up-close look at all that IXACT Contact features.

Video breakdown:

  • 1:15 - How to define your goals and create a plan for achieving them
  • 8:26 - How IXACT Contact's Goal Setting feature can help you earn the income you want
  • 13:58 - A look at IXACT's marketing and listing activity plans
  • 51:40 - How IXACT Contact has helped agents build the business of their dreams