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Did You Make Your Broker's Naughty or Nice List This Year?

December 23 2018

hdc brokers naughty or nice listWith the year almost over and Christmas almost here, it's time to figure out whether you made your broker's naughty agents list or their nice agents list.

Which list you made it on comes down to a few different factors: lead generation, lead follow-up, and marketing. But if you weren't so nice this year, don't worry--now's the perfect time to start practicing for next year!

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a continuous cycle of contacting and converting leads and previous clients. You never know when someone you worked with in the past will have a referral for you or when a cold lead will suddenly be ready to move fast.

Naughty Agents:

  • Depend only on referrals.
  • Wait for leads to come to them.
  • Never reach out to clients after they close.

Nice Agents:

Lead Follow-Up

Once you know someone who may want to buy or sell a house, you have to follow up. Otherwise, a competing agent can swoop in and lure your client into a new deal.

Naughty Agents:

  • Wait several hours or even days to contact a new lead.
  • Don't call again if they don't reach their lead on the first try.
  • Assume their leads will reach out to them when they're ready to buy or sell.

Nice Agents:

  • Follow up with leads quickly. It doesn't matter how many leads you get if you don't ever call them up. Nice agents know that following up within the first five minutes is essential if you want to convert that lead.
  • Follow up often. Leads are rarely converted after the first call. Nice agents each out to each new lead six to eight times and their lead conversion numbers skyrocket!
  • Set up and use lead-nurturing programs such as drip email campaigns and monthly newsletters. offers both of these services as a free bonus of using services. Learn more about the free newsletter here!


Leads are on just about every agent's wish list this time of year; unfortunately, Santa rarely brings leads. You have to earn them through marketing.

Naughty Agents:

  • Create a website or blog and consider it "done."
  • Either have no social channels or several social channels with outdated information and no recent updates.
  • Spend too much time on marketing and not enough on lead conversion.

Nice Agents:

How'd you do? Are you a naughty agent or a nice one? If you focused on positive, proactive steps to improve your business, you're surely on your broker's nice list. However, if you stood by and waited for business to find you, you might want to watch out for lumps of coal headed your way.

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