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[Best of 2018] Get Your Own, Personal Emoji

December 31 2019

Here it is—our top article of the year! This article was originally a "Friday Freebie" published back in November and is the most read article of 2018. See #2 here, or read the full list of our Top 10 articles from 2018 here.

frifree gboard emoji 1Want to make an emoji that looks like you in mere seconds? Now you can.

This week, Google launched a new feature that uses machine learning to analyze your selfie and generate an emoji that looks just like you. Find out how you can create and customize your own emoji in this week's Friday Freebie.

Free, Personalized Mini Stickers for Gboard

These free mini stickers are available to users of Google's mobile keyboard app, Gboard. Gboard replaces--and improves upon--your phone's default keyboard. It's available for both iOS and Android—and in some Android devices, like the Pixel line, Gboard is already the default keyboard.

Gboard lets you search Google and share links, send GPS locations, search GIFs, and more right from your keyboard. You can learn more in our article, App Alert: Gboard Will Transform Your Mobile Messaging Game.

The feature itself is easy to find within Gboard. From the main keyboard, just tap the emoji button. Next, tap the sticker button (the square one) and look for the icon circled in the image below:

frifree gboard emoji 4

Hit 'Create' to get started generating your own emoji. Google needs to scan your face for this, so prepared for your phone's camera to kick into Selfie Mode.

frifree gboard emoji 3

Once Google has snapped your picture, it will kick out an illustrated emoji based on your face in just a few seconds. From there, you can choose to keep your emoji as-is or customize. Customization options include eye color, hair style and color, facial features, facial hair, accessories, and more.

Google doesn't just give you one emoji--it gives you a set you can use in varied situations and for multiple emotions.

frifree gboard emoji 2

Aside from the pure fun of having your own emoji, how can custom emojis benefit agents? Think of it in terms of branding--by having your own, unique emoji set, you stand out visually from the default-emoji-using masses. And repetition of your emoji 'brand' — through texts, social media posts, or email — helps imprint that brand in your sphere's mind.

Ready to create your own personalized emoji set? Download Gboard for iOS or Android today!