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[Best of 2018] 50 Words Real Estate Agents Should NOT Use in Email Subject Lines

December 27 2018

We're continuing an annual tradition of counting down our top 10 articles of the year. The following article was originally published in January and is #3 in our countdown. See #4 here.

emerge 50 words to avoid email subject

In the world of email marketing, subject lines are a tricky one. There have been countless studies conducted across a wide range of industries to find out which subject lines are most effective. Our opinion? Spend the energy learning what NOT to do in regards to email subject lines, rather than staying on top of the latest research and trends.

​With that said, we prepared 50 examples of subject lines, words and phrases for real estate agents that have proven to be ineffective over the last decade of email marketing. Just check out your spam folder in your current inbox and you'll see what we're talking about. There will be good examples of bad subject lines in there that get caught by your spam filter.

It's our job to keep you informed, so here are the top 50 subject lines, words and phrases you should avoid, so that your email does not get sent straight to the spam folder without a "get out of jail free" card. Let's get started!

First, special characters are generally discouraged because the spam filters will hunt you down and block you before your email ever makes it to the inbox. Here are some examples of special characters in the subject line that are likely to get the smack down from spam filters:

1. 100% guarantee
2. Open house TODAY!!!!!
3. Save $$$ on this flipper

General "call to actions" in a subject line can alarm spam filters that you're sending bad emails.

4. act now
5. apply now
6. call now
7. limited time
8. click here
9. hot information you requested

Greetings in the body are fine, but we don't recommend putting them in the subject line.

10. Dear Friend, today is the day to list your home for the best rates possible

Anything that looks like yelling is discouraged. Extra punctuation and gappy text is just plain annoying to your readers. Starting off with a dollar amount is bad, too. I've seen that happen too many times. If the spam filters don't catch you and completely BLOCK your email from making it to the intended recipient's inbox, then the recipient themselves will probably drag you over to the spam folder.

12. Can someone say v.a.c.a.t.i.o.n. home?
13. O p e n H o u s e t h i s S a t u r d a y
14. $150,000 2 bd/1ba condo just reduced

There are a host of words and phrases that generally should be avoided so that you are not flagged as spam. This first list applies directly to the real estate and finance industry. Professional spammers have tainted these words, so you should not use them in your subject line. NOTE: These words are fine to use in the body of your email, just not subject line.

15. credit
16. lower your mortgage rate
17. offer
18. refinanced
19. loans
20. easy terms
21. mortgage
22. cash bonus
23. buy
24. financial freedom
25. make money
26. satisfaction
27. discount
28. your family
29. consolidate
30. lowest insurance rates
31. now only

The second part of the list of words and phrases you shouldn't use in your subject line is just a general list of common words that professional spammers have tainted. Try to avoid them as much as possible!

32. compare
33. don't
34. You're a winner!
35. extra income
36. instant
37. fast cash
38. free
39. free access
40. free gift
41. free offer
42. get out of debt
43. earn
44. hello
45. hidden
46. delete
47. amazing
48. avoid
49. stop
50. collect

To view the original article, visit the eMerge blog.