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Social Media Profile Picture Essentials

October 19 2011

Contributor Peter Toner says:

Branding with a common image …

… a common profile and branding image will identify you and your services across the range of social media sites – it certainly can’t hurt your personal brand awareness icon smile

Think about who uses their image as branding – Gary Vaynerchuk, Donald Trump, George Forman, Magic Johnson, even old school business coaches such as Brian Tracy.


Select a photo not a logo, that you will use as your brand across all the social media sites you will be incorporating in your Social Media plan.

That way if you send a friend request or make contact in some other way, there is a chance they might at least recognize you.

10 things to consider with profile photos on Facebook:

  1. Your photo is an essential part of your social media brand, use one.
  2. Use the same photo on all your social media profiles for maximum visibility.
  3. As a general rule it’s best to display an image of you on your Facebook profile page and a logo on your Facebook Fan Page.
  4. Potential Facebook friends will know exactly who they are sending a friend request to – especially if you have a fairly common name.
  5. Well taken photo(s) add life, meaning and hopefully a glimpse of your personality to a profile.
  6. crossedNever use an image with your arms crossed in front of you – it sends a bad psychological message, as in ” Keep out, I’m not letting you in” – even if you are smiling.
  7. If you are using your Facebook Profile page for business, please for goodness sake don’t have the “drunken party photo’s” in your Facebook albums with a beer bottle in your hand. (Or learn how to use the privacy controls properly) Your potential clients are going to wonder if you are going to be sober in the morning  and it’s tacky at best.
  8. Why do some female real estate agents have large amounts of cleavage and some male Realtors sprawl in front of expensive sports cars or show off their muscles – maybe this will work in Beverly Hills but where are you selling homes?
  9. musclesYou may have been cute as a child, but that’s no reason to use a photo of you at age 4.
  10. Don’t use provocative poses, if you are looking for a date go visit

This advice is an extract from the Facebook learning moduleFacebook learning module – part of the Social Media School for Real Estate Agents.

To learn more and to view this original article, visit Peter Toner's blogPeter Toner's blog.