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Safe Selling: The 3 Things You Should Do to Prepare a Home for a Showing

December 17 2018

All the world's a stage--as should be the home you're showing to a new prospect.

We don't mean a "stage" in the sense of everything being picture perfect (although that helps). Rather, we mean that, for safety purposes, a listing should be treated like a stage where the outside world can see inside in case something goes wrong.

As we know, predators who target real estate agents aim to isolate them where agents can't be seen or heard. By increasing visibility into a listing during a showing, you increase the odds of staying safe and even deterring an attack.

Watch the video above to learn:

  • The three things you should do to prepare a listing for maximum safety during a showing
  • Why it's important that neighbors and passersby can see or hear you during a showing
  • How doing the three things above help to foil a predator's plan

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