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Holiday Gifts Your Clients Are Sure to Love

December 16 2018

hdc holiday gifts your clientsThe holidays are a fun time of year. Spending time with family and friends seem to be the common theme for the season. Of course, you will also spend plenty of time selecting gifts for your family and friends. But what about your clients?

There is no rule that says that you MUST get your clients a gift for the holidays. But if you feel that you should, we have some ideas for you. With everything from home decor to a gift card to a local restaurant, we've got you covered. After you read this, you should be able to get that holiday shopping list finished up pretty quickly.

For the Home

You know your clients because they have opted to purchase a home. That being said, you have probably had the chance to learn about your clients' tastes and what they would like in their home. Gifting your clients something that they can use and appreciate in their home is a sure way to keep the relationship strong for the holiday season.

A decent piece of home decor for your clients does not have to be huge. It can be something small or something that you noticed that they wanted when they moved into their home. Gifting your clients something small such as houseplant or a nice vase for their plants is a great place to start. You could also select a set of frames or a painting that your clients could use around their home to add to their walls or shelving.

If you have a more personal relationship with your clients, think of getting them something a little bit more extravagant. Gifting them something they could use on a regular basis, such a firepit or some cozy patio furniture, could be a way to help them enjoy those cool nights during the holidays. Additionally, you may consider gifting them something that they can use inside of the home, such as a gift basket that can include candles, soaps, or towels for their bathrooms.


Technology gifts seem to be well-favored by those who receive them. There are so many tech gifts out there that you could gift to your clients. But you should remember to be practical when selecting these gifts.

Everyone seems to be taking a liking to smart-home devices. Home automation is becoming a huge thing to new buyers. So selecting a gift that will help your clients with this will be greatly appreciated. You could gift your clients a Nest Thermostat that will help in maintaining a cheaper electric bill or even a Ring doorbell for those who feel they need just a little bit more security.

Another great gift for the holiday season is one of the Alexa by Amazon smart devices. With a range of devices from the Echo Dot to the Echo Plus, these devices assist with home automation while also providing some additional help around the home and some entertainment options.

Local Experience

Everyone loves to support local businesses where they live. Gifting your clients with an experience at one of these local businesses is a great way to not only give a gift that may be incredibly useful, but also give them with an experience they are sure to love.

For these types of gifts, you may need to do some research on local options that are in your client's city. Finding something like a local art studio or restaurant will be an experience that your clients will be sure to have a great time participating in. In addition to this, you have the opportunity to help out a local business.

Buying gifts for your family, friends and clients is fun, but if you feel that you could give your clients something informational, you can check out our arsenal of informational materials here.

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