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Safe Selling: Use the Meet Time to Establish Power and Control

December 10 2018

"Always take power and control wherever you can." That's the advice from agent safety expert Lee Goldstein.

In this week's "Safe Selling" video, Lee shares another way that agents can turn off potential predators--by taking control of what time you'll meet a prospect for a showing.

It's a simple tactic. Rather than simply agreeing to meet a new prospect at the time they suggest, Lee recommends telling the prospect you can meet them at an alternative time. Because predators look for weakness and subservience in victims, this minor pushback may signal to them that you aren't an easy target, and that YOU are the one in control.

Watch the video above to learn:

  • Why this tactic turns off predators, but leaves real clients unphased
  • Why you should never apologize or ask if the alternate time is "okay" with a prospect

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