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Great Customer Service, The Foundation of Great REALTORS

October 18 2011



Contributor Austin Allison says:

Providing great customer service is a foundation of good business practice no matter what the industry. Whether selling cars, washing windows, or helping folks find the home of the dreams, good customer service is a big factor in acquiring and maintaining business. People want to be treated with sincerity, patience, and appreciation. Go above and beyond with customer service, however, and you will also go above and beyond in surpassing all of your goals.

Doing more for customers than what is expected pays off in the short term, but the long-term impact is much bigger. Whether good or bad, your customers are going to talk about their experience with you, and more importantly others. If you provide bad customer service, everyone is going to hear about it and you will lose clients.

Today’s Consumers

Consider social media.  Today’s consumers have a platform to air their grievances with a product or service to their entire network of friends, family, coworkers etc.  While people are typically grateful for great service, they’re more inclined to speak out about bad experiences.

Ground Swell Effect

With social media, their message reaches far and wide. Therefore, service must exceed your customer’s expectations, otherwise you risk potential customers hearing negative feedback about you or your brand.  People take their experiences seriously.  Even if you’ve provided bad service one time, that customer could be inspired to spread the word to others, and paint you in a less-than-favorable light.

Customer service that goes above and beyond is a rare commodity. Make yourself stand out as one of those REALTORS® by exceeding the expectations of everyone in your network.

How do you provide great customer service?

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