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Get More Leads by Posting Content Followers Want to See

November 22 2018

hdc more leads by posting content followers want to seeCreating content for your social channels can sometimes feel like a challenge. Between selecting the right image for your posts and thoroughly considering the text that goes with it, you are left wondering how to get your content maximum exposure and engagement.

With this social media guide, selecting the optimal message type, number of characters, hashtags, and emojis for each social network is going to feel like a breeze.

The Big Three Social Networks

Facebook is the most popular and largest platform for both personal and business accounts. Able to share photos, text, videos, links, and more, Facebook is all about sharing relevant content to your followers in the hope of receiving shares and likes.

  • Message Type: Links – even though you can share just about anything on this network, Facebook users engage most with posts that include links back to another website, blog, or article.
  • Character Count: Around 111 characters – this platform doesn't seem to limit users to the amount of characters that can be used in a post (it's actually around 63,000 characters), but followers want short posts.
  • Hashtags: 0 – You might see a handful of hashtags in user posts, however, hashtagging doesn't increase engagement on Facebook.
  • Emojis: 1 – Keep it simple on Facebook by limiting your posts to 1 emoji (or don't use any at all).

Twitter is a conversation based social network and the goal is to get your followers to continue the conversation and re-tweet your post. This is the reasoning behind their 140 character limit (which has now doubled to 280 characters).

  • Message Type: Photos – they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and they are correct. Twitter users respond well to photos and create days of conversations from one photo.
  • Character Count: Around 103 characters – Twitter users fought for an increase in character count for a long time, but that doesn't seem to coincide with engagement and re-tweets.
  • Hashtags: 2 – Two hashtags is all that's needed to get users to your posts and keep the conversation going.
  • Emojis: 1 – Emojis don't seem to make much difference on this network, however, you want to limit yourself to just one.

Instagram is a photo sharing app that has become one of the greatest social channels available since Facebook bought it in 2012!! Limited to photos and videos, Instagram is a live photo album where followers comment and like your posts.

  • Message Type: Photos – Instagram users prefer photos over video.
  • Character Count: Around 241 characters – considering Instagram is a social network based on sharing visual media, Instagram users tend to interact with posts with longer text.
  • Hashtags: 11 – Hashtagging on Instagram is the way to gain more followers organically.
  • Emojis: 3 – With a younger demographic, emojis are more openly accepted on this platform.

As a real estate agent or broker, marketing your listings to the correct audience is crucial to your success. Knowing what type of content gets the most engagement will give your business a winning edge in the social world.

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