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Safe Selling: The Office and Driver's License Myth

Does asking a new prospect for their driver's license really protect you from a potential attack? How about meeting at your office first?

These are the things agents are commonly told to do when meeting a client for the first time. But in this week's 'Safe Selling' video, we'll learn why this is a fallacy.

Watch the video above to find out:

  • How meeting at your office can actually play into a predator's hands
  • Why it's important to meet at a public location first, NOT the listing
  • Why copying a driver's license won't keep you safe
  • What to do if you don't have a third person lined up to accompany you on a first showing with a new client

One important caveat here: We're not saying DON'T copy a new client's license or meet them at your office (as long as others are there). Instead, don't let these actions lull you into a false sense of security--they alone won't deter a predator. Stay vigilant and remember all of the preventative tips we've been sharing in this video series.

Until next week—Happy Thanksgiving and safe selling!





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