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Rental Professionals: Grow Your Listings Database

October 14 2011

September is a big month for the rental industry . . . but September is over. As mid-October rolls around, many brokers are concerned about business slowing down. Unfortunately, their options for increasing their connections include endless networking events or shelling out tons of money to stick their face and phone number on a bench.


We finish our series about the problems faced by rental professionals with the challenge of growing business.


Challenge #4: Slow Business
In our previous articles, we discussed tools to move rental properties more quickly. If we stop there, however, it means brokers will make the same amount of money – they’ll just be doing it in less time. If you ask most brokers, this isn’t an ideal arrangement. They’d much rather make more money and have less free time.


But how do they accomplish this? We spoke with Kyle Paice of RentJuice for one recommendation. He talked to us about RentJuice’s Partner Directory. If you'd like to learn how RentJuice can help you increase your listings database, get a free account here.

“Our Partner Directory helps landlords share their listings with brokers who can fill them – quickly – on their behalf,” explains Kyle. “This increases the number of properties that a broker can move and helps landlords fill their vacancies FAST.”


RentJuice partner network


With the RentJuice Partner Directory, landlords can decide to openly share their listings (with everyone) or selectively share them with certain brokers. The Partner Directory provides helpful information about brokers so that landlords can choose which brokers to share their listings with.


Kyle explains, “In Chicago, we have over ten thousand listings shared openly, with thousands more available to those who send a connection request to one of our landlords or property managers. That means any broker using RentJuice in that city has automatically increased the number of properties they can move by over ten thousand. In other words, gaining a large number of new opportunities is as simple as getting a new RentJuice account because so many landlords are openly sharing listings.”


Are you a rental broker? What are your tips and tricks for networking and growing your book of business?