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4 Steps for Easier Agent Adoption

November 20 2018

lwolf 4 steps easier agent adoptionRecently, we talked about how to boost agent adoption of brand-new technology. It's not always easy to convince them to use a new tool, especially if they already have one that they know and love!

It's one thing to get them to switch. But it's another thing completely to get that switch to stick.

So how do you keep the learning curve going? Here are a few handy tips!

Keep them informed.

Last time, we talked about how important it is to make sure your agents know the value they'll get from a new piece of technology.

Well, unfortunately, that isn't a one-and-done kind of thing.

You'll need to keep the information flowing to both your staff and your agents to keep the adoption on track. It's human nature to forget the benefits of something new when frustration strikes. Regular reminders and additional tidbits can help keep these frustrations at a low.

Mix up how you share the information—from fact sheets, to FAQs, email announcements, and more—and be sure to highlight how it will make their lives easier, as opposed to focusing on specific features.

Do some training.

Once you've gotten (and kept) interest in your new tech, it's time for training! Training is just as critical—if not more so—as acceptance. Here, the key to success is to show your team how to use individual features, as well as how to set up smarter workflows and business rules.

This will have two main benefits: you'll see better consistency and compliance, and your whole team will be able to get the most out of the new system.

Be sure to allow ample time for training before you do any kind of formal rollout of the new system. The more people you can get trained on it, the more likely they'll be to stick with it.

Have a launch party.

A definitive launch day for your new system does a few things for you.

First, it gives your team a specific day that they should get up to speed by.

Second, it gives you a way to boost excitement about the new system.

Make a big deal about it; celebrate with an event, promote it throughout your office(s), and recognize everyone who made the implementation possible.

In all the excitement, don't forget that this is also the first day that everyone will be using the new system. Be prepared for a little chaos; ask some of your early adopters and supporters to act as ambassadors for the first little while, helping agents and staff stay on track.

Bring in the reinforcements.

Even with all the work and preparation, adoption will be a gradual process. But here's the good news: once you've put in the work to get that train rolling, it's simply a matter of feeding the flames to keep it on track.

This is where you can use your early adopters to your advantage. Hesitant agents can be convinced by the success of their peers.

Opening up some two-way communication will also increase your chances of a successful implementation. Let your users know that you're listening and open to feedback. New systems can expose issues you didn't even know were there, and it's important to factor them in!

Taking the necessary steps to get a new system up and running with the full support of your agents and staff is no small feat! Following these steps will help smooth out the whole process for you—and can help when it's time for new hires, too.

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